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Vintage Masters Announced


After seeing the success of Modern Masters, Wizards announced that their path to putting the "Power Nine" on Magic Online will be ready by June 2014: Vintage Masters.

What's the goal of Vintage Masters?

We know that the Vintage format for Magic Online demands to be done the right way. With Vintage Masters, we are striving to make available on Magic Online every relevant Magic card in existence for the Vintage format.

Before Vintage Masters, many players will have never had the experience of playing a match of Vintage Magic. Vintage Masters will contain a number of older Magic cards, many of which are crucial to the Vintage format. This includes the nine cornerstone cards called the Power Nine. These nine cards are perhaps the most famous in Magic's history, cards like Black Lotus and Time Walk. If you've never owned a piece of the Power Nine, you're not alone, but with the release of Vintage Masters, Magic Online players will have the chance to possess the power!

Wizards also shared exactly what's in each pack of the Magic Online exclusive set:

Vintage Masters will be a non-redeemable set available only in Magic Online in 15-card booster packs. Vintage Masters booster packs will retail for the MSRP of $6.99, and each pack will contain the following:

  • 10 commons
  • 3 uncommons
  • 1 rare or mythic rare
  • 1 premium foil card (any rarity, including the extremely rare premium foil Power Nine card), or 1 Power Nine card

There will be premium foil versions of all cards in the Vintage Masters set, including the Power Nine!

We will be revealing more specifics about Vintage Masters, including set size and distribution of Power Nine cards as we get closer to the release date.

With Prerelease Events scheduled to kick off June 13, 2014 the wait is on to see some of Magic's history finally come online. For more information, see Wizard's full Vintage Masters announcement.

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