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Wizards Coverage Evolves for 2016


Today, Wizard's Director of Organized Play Helene Bergeot announced updates to how Wizards of the Coast will handle live video coverage for Grand Prix and premier-level events in 2016.

While text coverage will happen at every event, ensuring decklists and top performers are known for everywhere, video coverage will be refocused on the broader narrative of Magic's sets and all of the concurrent events. With three limited Grand Prix each weekend before Pro Tours, showing one stream that references the winners and successes at the other events looks to streamline the viewing experience.

New faces joining the coverage team were promised as well, whether that's top players or streaming personalities isn't known yet. What all of this means for viewers at home, and what new features will be incorporated to focus on Magic's story, isn't clear yet, but the expected schedule of Wizards live coverage was shared:

  • Grand Prix Vancouver (January 30–31)
  • Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch (February 5–7)
  • Grand Prix Houston (February 27–28)
  • Grand Prix Detroit (March 5–6)
  • Grand Prix Barcelona (April 16–17)
  • Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad (April 22–24)
  • Grand Prix Toronto (April 30–May 1)
  • Grand Prix Columbus or Prague (June 11–12)
  • Grand Prix Sydney (July 30–31)
  • Pro Tour Sydney (August 5–7)
  • Grand Prix Portland or Rimini (August 13–14)
  • 2016 World Championship (September 2–4)
  • Grand Prix London or Atlanta (October 8–9)
  • Pro Tour Honolulu (October 14–16)
  • Grand Prix Providence (October 22–23)
  • Grand Prix Rotterdam (November 12–13)
  • 2016 World Magic Cup (November 18–20)
  • Magic Online Championship (Date TBD)

While these are the events Wizards has promised to cover, other events will continue to be covered by Channel Fireball, StarCityGames and more. With story becoming more important to the Magic brand than every before 2016 is staged to split what live coverage means between pure tournament focus and a wider look at everything Magic means for players.

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