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Fight as One in Oathbreaker


Fight as One

In Fight as One we see a human bonder alongside their animal companion. In Ikoria, people form empathic links with animals. They share emotions and a deep understanding, similar to Jiang Yanggu and his good boy, Mowu. Though tales abound of epic relationships between two humans, whether through love or magic, a friendship between human and non-human can be even more powerful. It can make them indestructible.

Phalanx Leader
Vanguard of Brimaz

Imagine Phalanx Leader and Vanguard of Brimaz working together. Each time they Fight as One, their bond will build, and so will the size and strength of your army. You can cast it more than once, in the new casual format of Oathbreaker. The instant starts in your command zone alongside an Planeswalker, and as long as your 'Walker is on the battlefield, you can cast their signature spell, taxed two more each time.

Huatli, Warrior Poet

It's all too fitting that Huatli, Warrior Poet lead our deck. Not only can she create non-humans, but the Ixalan native is close to an Ikoria bonder herself. She has a special relationship with her raptor buddies. Her Boros colors enable the best heroic creatures along with the Legion's most-loved angel, Feather, the Redeemed. The advantage to playing Fight as One over the more expensive Flawless Maneuver is that it targets, so I wanted this deck to feature as many heroic creatures as possible.

Those who fought along Feather in Standard or Historic may become insubordinate in the ranks at the sight of this list. Where, they may wonder, is their trusty Tenth District Legionnaire? Fear not, soldier! She and other heroic creatures will be in a second version of the deck, focused on going tall. This one concentrates on going wide, favoring creatures such as Hero of the Nyxborn and Skyknight Vanguard. The Skyknight does double duty, being a human but producing tokens that are technically non-human.

Winota, Joiner of Forces

Though I tried to keep this deck budget, I wanted to splurge on one mythic rare. Winota bonds humans to their animal friends. Given the number of our non-human tokens, she will be strong, though likely not the instant win she is in other Constructed formats because we don't want to warp the deck around a creature we may not draw. After all, Oathbreaker isn't based on legendary creatures. That's Commander's job. Here we can focus in on an instant.

With it, we can protect key creatures like Young Pyromancer. We may lose some tokens to a Wrath of God, but we will be able to save our shaman and a Dreadhorde Arcanist. True, we can't recoup Fight as One from the graveyard with the zombie wizard or Feather. Oathbreaker rules require the signature spell always go back to the command zone, for reasons I cannot explain nor care to defend, but Feather can redeem our other instants and sorceries.

Reckless Rage
Launch the Fleet

Once your creatures are indestructible, they may as well get crazy with Reckless Rage. Launch the Fleet and our instants make for an aggressive strategy, which is just what we want to pressure opposing Planeswalkers and players. In Oathbreaker, everyone starts out at 20 life, and you will be able to outrace other powerful strategies.

The good news is that you shouldn't be the first target at a table. The two cards you're playing face up, Huatli, Warrior Poet and Fight as One are less intimidating than fun. Lean into that, talking up how you just want to summon friends. If someone destroys one of your creatures, tell them they just killed a pet, or a pet's owner. "How could you? Now who will put kibble out for Hero of the Pride?" This sort of role-playing is well-suited to casual tables. It will make the experience more enjoyable, and doing so comes with a strategic advantage. You're less likely to be seen as threatening.

I tried to keep the price on this deck down. If you have the coin, try to fit in the powerful human / non-human three-drops of Monastery Mentor and Brimaz, King of Oreskos. They both create tokens and fit in with many of the deck's synergies. Now I would like to focus on a variant that focuses instead on a few big creatures.

Though they have some protection spells in common, this deck wants to deploy no more than two creatures. Ideally, they would be a human and a non-human. Mother of Runes and Kor Spiritdancer seem like a great combo in a deck with 13 enchantments.

Flickering Ward
Mark of Fury

Multiple of our auras can return to hand so you can play them to regain heroic triggers and or draw more cards with Sram, Senior Edificer. As a dwarf, he makes a perfect pairing with Danitha Capashen, Paragon. She will glow with as many enchantments as you can give her. Then when your opponents try to sweep the board, cast Fight as One.

That will require you have Huatli, Warrior Poet in play. Her loyalty starts pretty low, so you'll either want to protect her with a dino or +2 her right away. The life you gain from your large creatures will be impressive. Also, a dino with natural evasion is a fine body to enchant.

I've included a few flavor wins in this version of the deck. Griffin Guide feels very on-brand for bonders, with a close connection between a rider and their winged mount. Also Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder might as well have a psychic link with his pack beasts.

When playing casual formats, try to set personal goals for yourself. What game states do you want to achieve? For me, it's enchanting Relentless Raptor with a Scourge of the Nobilis. What's scary than a raptor? One with a whip like Indiana Jones. What bonus achievements will you set for yourself during your next deck?

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