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Lucas Esper Berthoud wins Pro Tour Aether Revolt


The story of Pro Tour Aether Revolt won't be Copy Cat Combo. Seen as a mistake going into the tournament the combination of Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian could end the game in a single turn and was on everyone's mind. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail and competitors arrived at Dublin ready to face down a horde of cats. As a result it was not the new threat that dominated but rather a familiar face.

Mardu Vehicles was the deck of the day in the Top 8. An astonishing six copies of the deck made it to the elimination rounds. Despite the ban of Smuggler's Copter, Heart of Kiran proved a strong enough to push players into the driver's seat. Pro Tour Hall of Famer Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa played the deck as well as 2016 Worlds Finalist Márcio Carvalho and Eduardo Sajgalik. China's Liu Yuchen, America's Donald Smith, and Brazil's Lucas Esper Berthoud all played White-Red-Black as well to their first Pro Tour Top 8. Bucking the trend were two players from the Czech Republic. Jan Ksandr played Black-Green Winding Constrictor Delirium while Martin J?za, in his third Pro Tour Top 8, added Red and ran with Jund Energy Aggro.

Mardu Vehicles would win the day as J?za and Ksandr went down in Stage 1 of the Quarterfinals. Smith felled the Hall of Famer before succumbing to Carvalho (who had received a bye into the Semifinals). On the other side of the bracket Sajgalik put Liu Yuchen's run to an end before falling to Berthoud, also the recipient of a bye by virtue of going undefeated in Standard - 10-0 - holding up a 3-3 record in Limited.

The finals were an all Dex affair. Willy Edel's super team made up three different squads in the first Pro Tour Team Series. Carvalho represented the DEXArmy while Berthoud held a spot on DEXThird. No matter what the trophy would be going home with someone who spoke Portuguese. Berthoud jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead. Fresh off a finals appearance in Worlds Carvalho battled back to force a game five. But Berthoud was not to be denied and a timely Release the Gremlins took out Carvalho's board and for the second time in six month's the pro from Portugal had to extend the hand. Berthoud took it then put his own hands on his face in disbelief.


Congratulations to Lucas Esper Berthoud - your Pro Tour Aether Revolt Champion!

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