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Betesh Breaks the Eldrazi Streak in Detroit


The third Modern Grand Prix of the weekend took place in Detroit. The story of the weekend was the Eldrazi menace and could it be contained. In Melbourne and Bologna the answer was no with four White-Blue Eldrazi decks in the finals across those events. Detroit was shaping up for a similar fate with 47 of the Top 100 decks on Day 2 featuring some flavor of Eldrazi.

The Top 8 was fully 75% Eldrazi and was headlined by Gerry Thompson and Eduardo Sajgalik both piloting the White-Blue version. Only two players- Ralph Betesh on Abzan Company and James Zornes on Storm Combo- resisted the alien urge. Betesh found himself in the finals against Evan Buchholz, who was also piloting White-Blue Eldrazi. Buchholz was unable to complete the clean sweep and finally in Detroit, the Eldrazi fell.

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