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Mines Drowns the Competition in Melbourne


The Eldrazi takeover continues. Grand Prix Melbourne was the first stop for Modern this weekend and as the Top 8 was finalized there was hope. Five of the competitors had brought non-Eldrazi decks to the table, including Kentaro Yamamoto, Lee Shi Tian, and Yuuchi Ichikawa with Living End. Jason Chung, fresh off a Top 16 finish at Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch, brought Dredge to the party.

Yet the rising tide of dead could do nothing to stop the otherworldly beasts. In the end it was Maitland Cameron and David Mines squaring off in a White-Blue Eldrazi mirror match. Drowner of Hope proved to be the pivotal card as it forced a game three and when ripped from the top of Mines' library, handed Cameron his first mirror loss of the weekend.

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