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Announcing the 2016 Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame Class


Congratulations to Owen Turtenwald and Yuuya Watanabe,your 2016 Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame inductees.

Turtenwald and Watanabe are two players currently at the top of their game. At the time of this writing they are both in contention for the Top 8 of Pro Tour Eldritch Moon with Owen going undefeated on Day 1.

The two players have similar résumés. Both members of the 2016 Class made it in in their first year of eligibility, having debuted in 2007. Turtenwald and Watanabe both have 3 Pro Tour Top 8s. Yuuya has 24 Grand Prix Top 8s and 6 wins while Owen has 21 Top 8s at the same level with 4 wins. Owen won Player of the Year while Yuuya has two Player of the Year titles of his own and won the Player's Championship. Perhaps more telling is the fact that both players have a reputation of not being someone you want to be paired against with any stakes on the line. Simply put, Yuuya and Owen are two of the best players in Magic today.

Congratulations once again to Yuuya Watanabe and Owen Turtenwald. They will be inducted into the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame at Pro Tour Kaladesh in October.

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