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Magic Online Treasure Chest Update


Last week a new prize payout - Treasure Chests - were announced for Magic Online. The change was met with negative feedback on social media. Today, Lee Sharpe responded to some of the concerns by releasing the frequency of certain items available in the Treasure Chests. In the announcement Sharpe also noted that come November, Treasure Chests will be eligible to be traded.

The frequency chart, which can be found here, provides a complete break down for how often a certain element is expected to be opened. Each Treasure Chest has three slots and each slot has a different frequency rate per item. Slot One is most likely to contain a Modern Rare or Mythic Rare (51% chance) but slots Two and Three are more likely to provide a Standard legal Common or Uncommon (79% and 98% respectively). Slot One has a 0% chance of containing a Standard Legal Common or Uncommon (unless it appears on the Curated List).

Magic Online continues to experiment with the prize structure. While the release of data and the ability to trade Treasure Chests does ease some concerns from the community the question remains: will these changes make it easier to play Magic, of all formats, on the platform?

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