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Ali Plays Locust God Combo


Welcome back! We have a Splinter Twin situation in Historic. I REPEAT, WE HAVE A SPLINTER TWIN SITUATION IN HISTORIC! Is it exactly Splinter Twin? No, not really, but this is a new combo deck that has a lot of potential and is a blast to play, especially when your opponent does not know what is happening.

Let us go ahead and look at the decklist!

Time Stamps:

03:20 - Match 1

20:19 - Match 2

33:00 - Match 3

50:22 - Match 4

The deck is all in on the combo. What is the combo? Cast Indomitable Creativity for at least X=2 and destroy two artifacts or creatures to put into play The Locust God and Historic All Star Sage of the Falls. When both these creatures enter the battlefield, you will be able to draw a card and discard a card. This will trigger The Locust God, putting a flying hasty insect onto the battlefield which will trigger Sage of the Falls, thus triggering The Locust God again. You can make as many hasty 1/1s as you have cards in your library. You will essentially win the game when you resolve Indomitable Creativity. The rest of the deck helps you set up for Indomitable Creativity while buying time for your combo. Then you have Fire Prophecy and Valakut Awakening to put back The Locust God and Sage of the Falls if you draw them. Thankfully both cards will put them on the bottom of your deck instead of shuffling them back into your deck.

If you love a combo deck then you should give this deck a go. It is new and I believe it has a lot of room for growth.

Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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