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Ali Plays Historic Flood of Tears


I didn't have a new Standard deck for all of you today, so instead I wanted to showcase a Historic deck I've been working on. The deck uses Flood of Tears to put an Omniscience onto the battlefield and after Omniscience is on the battlefield you can combo off and win. It uses non land permanents like Omen of the Sea, Omen of the Hunt, Gift of Paradise, Wolfwillow Haven, and planeswalkers that you can bounce back for value if you are forced to use Flood of Tears early.

This is the list.

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 01:50

Match 2 - 07:39

Match 3 - 15:29

Match 4 - 20:59

Match 5 - 29:49

Match 6 - 32:42

Match 7 - 38:21

Match 8 - 47:02

Match 9 - 52:52

You obviously want to get Omniscience onto the battlefield. IF you have a Tamiyo and Flood of Tears you can just loop Flood of Tears and Tamiyo. Then if you have anything that draws a card, like Teferi or Omen of the Sea, you can draw your whole deck. The only piece you need with Omniscience on the battlefield is Fae of Wishes. You will be wishing for what every genie hates... More wishes.

This is how the combo works

*Omniscience on battlefield*

  1. Fae of Wishes for Mastermind's Acquisition.
  2. Mastermind grabbing Mastermind out of your sideboard.
  3. Mastermind again grabbing Scholar of the Ages from your sideboard.
  4. Scholar to regrow both Masterminds.
  5. Mastermind for Thousand-Year Storm.
  6. Mastermind and grab your whole sideboard.
  7. Build enough storm count to make Inescapable Blaze lethal.

If you're confused, just watch the video for some gameplay and combos with the deck! Might be easier to see when it's happening.

Enjoy, until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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