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Ali Plays Gruul Fires


Alright, we've got one last video before Historic Anthologies III hits Arena, then I will make some Historic content. Today I wanted to go over the deck I got to mythic with. I rarely play an aggressive deck, but I got sick and tired of Yorion every other match and if you played the mirror, it took like an hour. So, I cruised to Mythic with this instead.

Time Stamps:

03:18 - Match 1

13:37 - Match 2

20:17 - Match 3

30:19 - Match 4

41:09 - Match 5

50:10 - Match 6

Try to get a hand with Grazer or Domri against fast decks. If your opponent is slow then you can keep slower hands. Kaheera insures you have a 3-drop every game. If you want to see how to mulligan and sideboard, highly recommend watching the video as we did pretty well!

Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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