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Ali Plays Sublime Simic


While Core Set 2021 is not going to do too much to the Standard metagame, I still wanted to try a new deck out. Sublime Epiphany is a sweet card and one that works well if you can use the create a token mode in addition to countering a spell and drawing a card. This is the best list I have found for it so far.

Time Stamps:

02:18 - Match 1

15:21 - Match 2

29:29 - Match 3

46:01 - Match 4

Similar to a traditional Simic Ramp deck except we have Sublime Epiphany, Shipwreck Dowser, Mass Manipulation, and Questing Beast. The Beast is here to close the gap between mid and late game while also pressuring opposing planeswalkers as Teferi, Time Raveler shuts down Sublime Epiphany and Narset, Parter of Veils really hurts Uro and Hydroid Krasis. I have found it was better than Migration Path since planeswalkers are popular.

Obviously, Risen Reef and Sublime Epiphany is great as you get to ramp and draw cards. With Shipwreck Dowser you get to just copy the Dowser and continuously rebuy the Sublime Epiphany putting your opponent in a soft lock. Mass Manipulation I have in here because I felt like the metagame had slowed down to planeswalker decks and again Narset and Teferi can be really annoying for this deck so Mass Manipulation also helps with that. Hope you enjoy the deck.

Enjoy, until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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