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Beat Downs with the Boz: Modern Jund, Version 2


The SCG Invitational was this weekend, and it will have been the first major Modern event with the new banned-and-restricted list. Ancestral Vision and Sword of the Meek will enter the fray, and make no mistake: This is a big deal. Despite these cards being great, I don't actually plan on doing much different with my Jund list. I think Jund already has all the discard, artifact hate, and card advantage needed to combat the new wave of blue decks. As long as these new blue decks aren't completely busted, other strategies—like Zoo, Infect, and Affinity—will need to adapt. Jund can stay the same because it is well rounded and powerful. For this week, I have only made some minor tweaks to ensure I am better prepared for an open field.

Deck Tech

Match 1: Burn

Match 2: Zoo

Match 3: The Mirror

Match 4: Affinity

Match 5: Death and Taxes

This week, we got to run pretty good. We had some sweet games, and Jund did its thing, killing all the things. Until I start losing more or I see how things go at the Invitational, I don't have any changes to make. If you wanted to take a "stock" Jund list to your Friday Night Magic, an Open, or even a Grand Prix, I would use this list as a starting point. Jund is rock-solid, and this is the least fancy, but most solid, build. Next week, I think I will finally get into some new Standard. If the Invitational went well for me, I will show you what I played!

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