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Beat Downs with the Boz — Standard Bant Company


I had planned on playing Bant Humans but when I started building the deck I thought to myself, "Why the heck did people stop playing Jim Davis's style of Bant Company." It was the #1 deck leading up to the Pro Tour with a dominating performance at the beginning of the season. It has fallen out of fashion, but I never understood why. Whenever I played it at GPs, the games were always so close! Collected Company, Reflector Mage and Eldrazi Displacer are a match made in heaven. Jace, Vryn's Prodigy and Tireless Tracker are the best sources of card advantage. Not only that, the deck is well rounded and makes use of cards like Archangel Avacyn, Dromoka's Command and Ojutai's Command. If you are looking for GoodCards.dek you have found it.

Deck Tech

Match 1: Bant Humans

Match 2: Sultai Midrange

Match 3: G/W Tokens

Match 4: Part the Waterveil

Match 5: U/R Eldrazi


Against any deck doing something close to fair, this Bant Company deck is a huge favorite, especially because I cut the Bounding Krasis for Tireless Trackers. It has a really strong core but it needs a stronger sideboard plan against U/R Eldrazi and Mono-Blue Combo. I did two Leagues with this deck to finish 6-4. My four losses were to the mirror, U/R Eldrazi and twice to Mono-Blue Combo. I think with some work, this archetype could rise to its previous glory as a top contender. To start, I would cut the Vryn Wingmares for Clash of Wills and consider a 26th land. Outside of that there are a lot of possible changes but you will have to decide those based on which event you are playing and what you expect.

Until next week, GLHF friends. May you smite thy enemies with a Golden Axe!

— Andrew Boswell

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