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Kaldheim Cards to Rally Around


Welcome back everyone to this week's article! We are going to continue where we left off with more cards from Kaldheim. If you missed the previous article be sure to check it out! Today we have some more gems that you should consider acquiring while they are low or going lower in value!

Rally the Ranks to Rally Tribal?

Rally the Ranks

Rally the Ranks is a card every tribal player needs to acquire for their binders. There are four different versions of the card, and finding the right version depends on your outlook. Are you just a budget minded/casual player, a player that wants flair added to your deck, or are you speculating? The prices come in at $0.26 for the non-foils, $0.31 for the foils, $2.31 for promo pack non-foils, $2.90 for the promo pack foils, $1.31 for the prerelease foil, $0.57 for the non-foil extended art, $1.02 for the foil extended art copies (mtgstocks.com). Looking at the current prices, I suggest the budget/casual players go after the normal non-foils, the foil extended art for the players looking for flair at a good price, and promo pack foils for those looking to speculate. This might go without saying to some people, but keep newer players in mind and players that do not have a full scope of the secondary market.

Rally the Ranks is fairly straightforward in application; any tribal deck utilizing White sources. Regarding the Pioneer format, White Weenies uses a combination of humans and angels, and this can help beef those cards up. Here's a deck that could utilize this in the mainboard for humans and angels.

Spirit Aggro is another meta deck that could use this card, and Commander tribal decks will always be able to find room for it. It might not be a game ender, but nobody wants to see their opponents gaining headway with creature buffs. Certain Edgar Markov decks come to mind that would love to add an extra buff to the vampire base. Wrapping up, the long-term price for the promo pack foils could possibly end up closer to $5.00 based on usage. That would be the one to keep an eye on, but the prerelease foils would be next in line.

Canopy Tactician: A New Elf Toy?

Canopy Tactician

Canopy Tactician is very straightforward but has room to go up in value. It currently comes in at $1.47 on average but can be found for as low as $0.47 for each copy (mtgstocks.com). One thing to note from a value standpoint is there is only a non-foil printing of this. No foil, alternate art, prerelease foil, etc., just the non-foil. Why is this important, because it limits the total amount in circulation. Although this can be reprinted in the future, it currently holds value with it being the only one available at this time.

Going into the how and where we are going to use this is quite simple: Elf decks. The Pioneer and Commander formats are where this could find a home outside of Standard. Although it has a CMC of four, it is a great mid/late game card to drop. It is a lord card that also brings the upside of allowing all elves to produce three Green mana. In Pioneer we could use this ability to cast larger spells we otherwise might not have available mana for like Collected Company, Scapeshift, Return of the Wildspeaker, or See the Unwritten. Regarding Commander, it is just another tool to add for mana ramp in an elf deck. It seems very straight forward, but as we know sometimes cards like this that offer a little more than meets the eye!

Keep Sweepers at Bay with Rise of the Dread Marn!

Rise of the Dread Marn

One thing creature-based decks hate more than Teferi is board wipes. That is why they would love to have something in their back pocket like Rise of the Dread Marn! It currently comes in at $0.99 for the normal non-foil, $1.25 for the normal foil, $2.16 for the extended art, and $4.86 for the extended art foil. The current price still looks to be still on a trending downward. For those penny pinchers out there, keep an eye on it to see where it goes because it can be used almost any format.

If you have not figured it out already, Pioneer and Commander are the two formats I investigate most. Pioneer we can shove this in the Sideboard, if not mainboard, in any Black deck. Aggro Black is going to be the easiest to slot this in based on meta. A different style of Rakdos that includes Young Pyromancer, Purphorous, God of the Forge, and Rise of the Dread Marn certainly seems enticing. Having this in hand after having about 3 other non-token creatures outside of Young Pyromancer could mean a win if our opponent decides to wipe the board. This also poses a threat without having to play it given the same scenario. Depending on what our opponents play, they might concede if they know there is no way to win. Outside of that, the idea of producing a slew of tokens for one Black after being put into exile is a huge play.

Looking into Commander the same rule applies. With how broad Commander is, there is no reason this should not be in the ninety-nine of most Black brews. At least one player is going to have a sweeper of some kind in their deck, and this would be the card to put things back in your favor. One thing to consider as well is the fact it counts toward all creatures in play, and not just your own! With a four-player pod, seeing upwards of 15 total non-token creatures in play is quite feasible. Imagine the look on your opponent's faces dropping 15 2/2 zombies on the board knowing they have no defense! If this gets the play that it should, this could very well get into the $10.00 range regarding the extended art foil copies.

There are many more cards in Kaldheim to go over, and these should be put on your list of cards to acquire. With every new set, Eternal formats will find new toys, and these all have potential. Pioneer is still a new and evolving format. New cards will continue to mold the meta and change things. I hope you come back for the next installment, as we have much more to go over in the coming weeks!

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