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Electrostatic Shock


Energy has been a defining aspect of the Standard metagame for quite some time now, but in the last couple of months it's become an increasingly one-dimensional archetype. Everything we're seeing is the three- or four-color midrange variations that rely on a combination of Red removal, Blue and Green energy synergies, and Black haymakers like Hostage Taker and The Scarab God. Not too long ago, there were aggressive variants of energy that threatened to end the game out of nowhere. If people have stopped respecting those archetypes, maybe it's time for a comeback in the wake of Rivals of Ixalan:

Electrostatic Pummeler
Electrostatic Pummeler is the core of this deck. All you're trying to do is hit your land drops, generate some energy, and then hit your opponent with an enormous Pummeler. Ideally, you'll resolve Pummeler on turn three and, on your fourth turn, make it Larger Than Life, activate it twice, and hit your opponent for twenty. Worried about removal spells? That's what Blossoming Defense and Dive Down are for. Blockers? Cartouche of Knowledge.

The problem with these decks is that there isn't a lot of card selection in Standard, which means that you may run the risk of doing nothing if you don't draw an Electrostatic Pummeler in the early turns of the game. Fortunately, Longtusk Cub and Greenbelt Rampager are reasonable backup threats. These are both large relative to their costs and, while they can't double their power, they still play well with pump spells and Cartouche of Knowledge.

If you're tired of playing energy mirrors defined by haymakers and small edges in sideboarding, why not try just one-shotting your opponents instead?

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