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Feeling Restless


With Sensei's Divining Top banned, lots of players are exploring what control shells should look like in the new Legacy format. Without an easy way to lock the game up early on, some people are looking to add interesting card advantage and attrition engines or to supplement Ponder and Brainstorm with Portent. Others are leaning more heavily on Monastery Mentor to close games out quickly. This build by Adalid240477 takes a different direction:

Rest in Peace
Rather than try to play a truly controlling game, this deck plays a giant pile of cards that can end games before they get off the ground. This take on control still has the ability to play more traditionally with Swords to Plowshares and Counterspell, but you give up on Snapcaster Mage and lots of the traditional late game engine in favor of Rest in Peace.

Rest in Peace is the lynchpin of the deck, and does a great job of shutting down many top tier strategies. Not only does it turn off everything from Snapcaster Mage to Golgari Grave-Troll, it makes your Energy Fields into perma-Fog and Helm of Obedience into an efficient win condition. On top of that, you have Blood Moon to lock out greedy Four-Color players, Enlightened Tutor to give some consistency to the whole package, and Ancient Tomb to power it all out before your opponents are prepared.

If you're looking for a more proactive way to play control in Legacy, consider giving something like this a shot. Enlightened Tutor gives you a lot of flexibility across your 75, and the proactive plan of using Rest in Peace to disrupt, lock out, and kill your opponent will catch plenty of players off guard.

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