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Churning Knowledge


There are Magic players who enjoy all manner of games. Some people want to play aggressive decks or proactive combo decks. Others want to play control decks that slow the game to a crawl. Still others enjoy games where they get to do the maximum amount of nothing, ensuring that their opponent does as well. Typically, that’s been hard in Pauper because the format is so aggressive, particularly with the printing of Burning-Tree Emissary at common. However, perhaps the density of Burning-Tree Emissary makes the axes along which aggro decks attack consistent enough that people can effectively fight it:

Accumulated Knowledge
At its core, this deck wants the game to stall out as long as possible. To that end, you’ve got the key controlling elements of the deck: Fog, Moment's Peace, and Counterspell. These cards ensure that you can stall your opponent out while you get yourself set up and prevent any interaction that stops your Fogs from buying you infinite time.

So what are you doing with that time? Hitting land drops, first and foremost. You’ve got the combination of Ash Barrens to thin your deck and fix your colors, as well as turn on copies of Pulse of Murasa to help keep your life total high. This all serves the purpose of buying you time to cast Pieces of the Puzzle to find Accumulated Knowledge, Deep Analysis, and your control elements.

Your goal is to churn through your deck as quickly as possible using your Accumulated Knowledges and Pieces of the Puzzle. You can even utilize Battlefield Scrounger and Conjurer's Bauble to recycle the last copy or two of Accumulated Knowledge, shuffling them back into your deck with Ash Barrens. Of course, when your deck gets empty, these cards become infinitely more powerful, becoming effectively Demonic Tutors for any card out of your graveyard.

The problem with this style of deck is there are lots of decks that don’t care about the combat step particularly much. You’ve got Burn, you’ve got Curse of the Bloody Tome decks, Ulamog's Crushers, and Dinrova Horror plus Ghostly Flicker shenanigans, just to name a few things that don’t really care about your Fogs. The game plan against those decks is to lean particularly hard on your ability to recycle counterspells, but that just doesn’t seem like enough.

Altogether, this is an interesting deck that seems very well positioned to hate out the Burning-Tree Emissary decks, as well as anything else that primarily interacts by turning creatures sideways. However, it will absolutely need help out of the sideboard to ensure that it has the tools to fight back against less linear strategies.

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