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Endless Possibilities

ur is one of the most popular color combinations in Modern for people who are trying to play reactive games. It’s a very flexible color combination that allows you to get aggressive with Snapcaster Mage and Lightning Bolt, control the game with Cryptic Commands and Anger of the Gods, or combo out in any number of ways from Through the Breach to Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. You can even just lock opponents out with the likes of Blood Moon. This week, we’ve got a new take on combo control in this color combination, and the combo finish is one that I haven’t seen in quite awhile:

Possibility Storm
The core of this deck is Blue Moon. Spreading Seas plus Blood Moon backed up by cheap, flexible interaction is a powerful shell in this Modern format. There are lots of decks that are powered by non-basic lands, whether those are creature lands letting them sneak in the last couple point of damage, dual lands that let you play three or more colors, or lands that let you cheat ahead on mana. The ability to profitably interact with those gives you a huge edge in many matchups.

One of the problems with Blue Moon was always that you struggled to close out games quickly enough to capitalize on your early mana disruption. Cards like Vendilion Clique and Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir were great, but didn’t really end games as quickly as you needed them to. People have started adding combinations like Through the Breach and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn to their deck, or even splashing for Nahiri, the Harbinger, but there are problems with each of these routes. Nahiri takes several turns to come online, letting your opponent prepare for and even prevent you from comboing off. Through the Breach takes up a ton of slots in your deck, and leaves you open to drawing multiple copies of dead combo pieces. Enter Possibility Storm.

The idea here is pretty incredible. You cast Possibility Storm and follow up with a zero mana creature - Endless One. The only card for you to cascade into off of possibility storm is Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, which is a pretty good as far as ending the game goes. Once you assemble all your pieces, you still get to win the game all at once for 5 mana, much like Through the Breach. The key difference is that you get to one Emrakul and one Endless One rather than four Emrakuls. You don’t even lose consistency because Tolaria West gives you extra copies of Endless One, plus the additional utility of finding cards like Engineered Explosives or Pact of Negation.

All in all, this seems like an exciting hybrid of the Nahiri and Through the Breach combo finishes. You get the advantage of a more compact and less intrusive combo engine, but retain the ability to win on the spot at 5 mana rather than letting your opponent know what you’re up to.

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