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The End is Nigh


Right now, Modern is sort of a mess of linear aggressive decks. The two most popular archetypes are Affinity and Humans, which gives players a clear series of angles to attack on. Removal decks that can beat these two aggro decks are going to be great choices until the format finds a new equilibrium. But what if there were a deck that could beat up on these creature decks without giving up its matchups against combo or control? Barnyard may have figured out a way to do just that:

Emrakul, the Promised End
Modern is a format that has all kinds of whacky interactions, and where the power of individual cards makes an enormous difference. We've seen the strength of Blue-based control decks shift over the years, and various builds come to prominence at different points in time. Sometimes the Jeskai core of Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix, and Path to Exile is what you need. Other times you want Spreading Seas, Supreme Verdict, and Cryptic Command.

For this format, Barnyard wants a completely different approach, but it looks like they have found a way to play all kinds of high-impact, corner case cards. Engineered Explosives, Damnation, and All is Dust are the sweepers of choice that demolish creature-based decks. Eldrazi Temple and Shrine of the Forsaken Gods help you to accelerate into All is Dust so that it can actually come down in a reasonable fashion. These sweepers backed up by cheap removal and Field of Ruin gives you a ton of play against both Affinity and Humans.

The rest of the engine is where things get really interesting. Forbidden Alchemy plus Think Twice and Search for Azcanta is a crazy way to ensure that you're always up on cards and always have things to do with your mana. Additionally, the raw card selection provided by Forbidden Alchemy means that you're more likely to find the high impact cards in any given matchup.

As far as end game goes, you've got Drowner of Hope to lock down opposing creatures while you start smashing in, as well as Emrakul, the Promised End to just end the game. If either of those threats aren't enough, you've got Liliana, the Last Hope to rebuy them until your opponent succumbs to your end game.

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