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Token Reinforcements


A White-based tokens strategy has been a fixture of previous Standard formats that we haven’t seen much of in this format. There are plenty of ways to generate tokens in this Standard format, but there wasn’t much in the way of payoffs - but maybe Core Set 2019 can change all that. Check out this wr take on tokens built by Natimark:

Heroic Reinforcements
The exciting thing about this deck is how quickly you can put tokens on the board. You can start off with Legion's Landing and curve into Cartouche of Solidarity and History of Benalia. Bomat Courier is an easy way to start off your curve to give you some extra reach against control decks. Dauntless Bodyguard gives you key threats some extra resiliency. The core of your curve is the top end: Benalish Marshal as an anthem and Leonin Vanguard to help you go wide. If you can protect these threats, you should be able to swing most games in your favor.

One of the exciting things about this deck is the token payoffs. Legion's Landing is the obvious one, letting you grind games out with Adanto, the First Fort. Benalish Marshal lets all of your tokens get big, especially when backed up by Pride of Conquerors. Perhaps the most exciting new card is Heroic Reinforcements, which pumps your team and gives you a couple of surprise attackers.

If your opponents are relying too heavily on spot removal this seems like a good place to be. You’ve got a solid amount of lifelink to swing races, enough anthem effects to make your tokens trade with real creatures, and enough haste to steal games off of control decks. There aren’t too many sweepers in the format right now, and you can pretty easily play around Settle the Wreckage. The worst case is that Settle the Wreckage makes it easier for you to activate your Adanto while still developing your board.

If you’re looking for a relatively budget-friendly way to get into Standard, this seems like a fun deck. You don’t lose especially much to rotation in the coming weeks, and your plan matches up well strategically with several of the top tier decks in the format. The average power of your individual cards isn’t as high, but you can certainly steal some games from the best decks in Standard.