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Swarm Intelligence


Bitterblossom was banned in Modern for many years due to the spectre of ub Faeries from Standard formats past. However, since the unbanning, Bitterblossom has made relatively little impact on the competitive scene. However, there’s at least one deck that can put a steady stream of tokens to great use. wb Tokens has been off the radar for quite some time now, but Minazuki has found some success with this variation of the archetype:

This is a deck that saw some great success when Affinity and Jund were two of the better decks in the format. The key idea here is that each of your “creatures” are worth more than one card, which does a great job of punishing decks that try to go wide as well as decks that lean on spot removal. Furthermore, if opponents are trying to make one big threat but lack the ability to get evasion of some kind, your tokens will buy you all the time in the world to get set up.

The main strategy is that you make a whole bunch of tokens to stabilize the board, and then start making them enormous so you can pull ahead and start chipping in for damage. You’ve got a great suite of efficient discard and removal spells to help contain opponents while you develop your board, and a plethora of powerful sideboard cards depending on what kind of decks you expect to face in your metagame. All in all, wb tokens is an eminently fair deck with a straightforward game plan and lots of options. It’s not something you want to play if there’s lots of sweepers in your local metagame, but it’s great if people are playing mostly fair decks.

One of the most exciting cards that this deck has gained in recent sets is Collective Brutality, which does a great job of teaming up with Lingering Souls to help generate value and ensure that you can curve out effectively. Similarly, the addition of Fatal Push means that you have the potential to play eight one-mana removal spells that are all but unconditional. On top of all that, you have access to Zealous Persecution, which has the potential to be among the biggest blowouts in Modern as a two-mana, instant-speed sweeper against decks like Elves.

All in all, if you can accurately predict what sideboard cards you’ll need, this deck can compete against just about anything. You’ve got fast ways to play to the board combined with some of the most efficient interaction in the format. Your creatures can get out of hand quickly with help from cards like Intangible Virtue and Sorin, Lord of Innistrad. You even have the option of playing Honor of the Pure and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar if you need to go even bigger.

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