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Standing Up-rite


Standstill is an interesting card in Legacy. Depending on what your opponent is doing, it has the potential to be completely blank or incredibly potent. As the format shifts towards combo and midrange decks, Standstill becomes more powerful, since you have more opportunities to tap out to resolve your Standstill and punish your opponent for breaking it. Recently, most of the variants we’ve seen have been wu to gain access to Swords to Plowshares and powerful sideboard cards. Chemfy’s build eschews White in favor of both Black and Green. Let’s take a look:

This deck is built to prey on Delver of Secrets decks. Fatal Push and Abrupt Decay help ensure that you can keep the board clear early on in the game. Once you resolve a Standstill on an empty board, your Delver opponents will be hard-pressed to overcome your overwhelming suite of countermagic and removal spells.

Against more controlling opponents, Standstill buys you time to develop your mana base. Additionally, you have the potential of leveraging both Wasteland and Mishra's Factory while under Standstill. On top of that, you have access to Deathrite Shaman, which serves as a powerful way to generate advantages under Standstill in its own right. You can gain life against opposing aggressive decks, start draining opposing combo and control decks, or just use the extra mana to resolve one of your Planeswalkers after your opponent cracks your Standstill.

This deck is set up to play a long game. You have Pernicious Deed to prevent opponents from going wide with cards like Monastery Mentor or Young Pyromancer. You also have a plethora of Planeswalkers that can bury your opponents in cards, particularly when backed up by Life from the Loam to ensure you never run out of Creeping Tar Pits and Wastelands.

If you’re looking to play a Black-based control deck, this seems like a good place to start. You have a strong suite of interaction in the maindeck and lots of flexibility out of the sideboard, including the ability to board into a more beatdown oriented tempo deck with Tarmogoyfs and Vendilion Clique. This seems to be a control deck that combines efficiency, power, and flexibility in a way that is particularly well-suited for metagames that are full of Delver and other greedy midrange decks.

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