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Chuhwichov Crushes Prague


While PAX was going on in the Unite States, 1505 European mages gathered in Prague to play Magic 2014 limited. After nine rounds of sealed and six rounds of draft, eight players emerged on top of the standings and headed into the single elimination matches.

Headlining the Top 8 we had Hall of Famer Raphaƫl Levy and Platinum pro Martin J?za, who both fell in the quarterfinals to Balazs Varady and Marco Cammilluzzi respectively. After another round of battle, Anatoly Chukhwicov and Marco Cammilluzzi met in the finals. Anatoly Chukhwicov had drafted a Blue-Black control deck featuring gems like Jace, Memory Adept and Air Servant, while Marco Cammilluzzi had assembled a Green-Red deck featuring Megantic Sliver and multiple Briarpack Alphas.

In the end it was Chukhwicov and his Air Servant who flew over to claim victory. Congratulations to Anatoly Chukhwicov, champion of Grand Prix Prague.

For more information about the event, check out the Chukhwicov and Cammilluzzi's top two decks below and head over to the official coverage of the event on DailyMTG.com.

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