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'Dark Ascension' - New Magic Product?


Update: Dark Ascension has been revealed to be the name of second set in the Innistrad block, code named "Rattle."

'Dark Ascension' was filed for copyright on Sept. 29th, 2009 by Wizards. The product description is their standard boiler plate that provides little to no hint as to what it could pertain to, but it was filed at the same time as Wizards renewed the 'Here I Rule' TM they hold so we are led to believe it is Magic related.

Our best guesses:

  • Novel - It seems to be a possible novel, and given the 'Ascensions' in Zendikar could prove to be somehow tied to the block, or perhaps to the final set of the block.
  • Standalone Product - This could be some unknown stand alone product, perhaps a deck or collectors item.
  • Name of a Set - We have yet to learn the official name of the third set in the Zendikar block. It has been commonly believed to be 'Rise of the Eldrazi' but that name has never set well with me as it is so drastically different than the naming scheme of previous sets. Perhaps this is it, 'Dark Ascension' is the third set in Zendikar?

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