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Neera, Ephara, Wherever You Are-a



It's finally here, a chance to play lots of Instants and Sorceries! In fact, this week I'll be playing a ton of them, but hopefully those will give me the chance to play with my opponents' cards, my favorite thing to do. Also, we're going to try and kill them in the most hilarious way possible. Come along with me while I play a clunky, mana-hungry, easily disrupted combo that only kills one player. It's time for a deeply, deeply stupid time playing Magic: The Gathering that I hope will serve as punishment for saying I'm too dependent on Enchantments. You want Sorceries? Fine. Here's your Sorcery.

Tunnel Vision

If you cast Tunnel Vision, you have a very low chance of guessing the bottom card of your opponents' library. Historically, people have used spells like Hinder or Junktroller to put a card on the bottom then make an educated guess with Tunnel Vision, thus ending their career. It's cute and funny and that's exactly what we're going to shoot for with this deck. So, do we have reliable access to either Tunnel Vision or Hinder? Well, not exactly, but there is a new commander who can do something even better.

Neera, Wild Mage

Neera, Wild Mage can put your clunky, expensive cards into play for free at the low low cost of Possibility Storming yourself. The thing is, this is a may ability, so it's way more fun to play with than Possibility Storm (though that's a different kind of fun) in your average deck, not that there is much that is more fun than Possibility Storm in a specific deck set up to benefit from it.

My idea, though, was to play spells out of their deck, thus putting a spell on the bottom of their library so I could kill them with Tunnel Vision and also Chaos Warp into big spells on my side of the board. If I use Stolen Strategy to cast their card, they put that card on the bottom of their library so I can Tunnel Vision them to death and I get to scratch off a topdeck lotto ticket from my deck. Sound too good to be true? It kind of is, but this doesn't have to be a Tunnel Vision deck, it can just be a deck where you occasionally Vision someone out of the game because your commander lets you track their bottom card. This is exactly the kind of tomfoolery I want to be up to and I'm champing at the bit to be able to play their cards in a much more lethal way than normal. I even get to dig through a box from cards I took out of decks in 2014 and find a copy of Spell Crumple.

The thing is, even if we're not doing our silly Tunnel Vision shenanigans, Neera kind of builds herself. The stock list of this deck is very good because cheating big spells into play is very good, but I want to steal as much of their stuff as possible. I'm sure my opponents will be comforted that I'm not going to cheat a ton Eldrazi into play, preferring to flip up Expropriate or Blatant Thievery, right? Well, too bad, I'm not super interested in what they want, I'm interested in playing a bunch of Instants in the deck to trigger Neera's ability all the time. Let's make a real dirty Magic deck and steal all of their stuff, shall we?

This looks like a lot of fun to me. I included one tutor because it's an Instant and considered adding more just because it's so funny to kill someone with Tunnel Vision out of nowhere but opted to just rely on drawing it.

If you wanted this to be Enter the Infinite/Omniscience deck, it could be very funny to kill everyone with Tunnel Vision. This seems doable if you have Displacer Kitten and Snapcaster Mage. You'd need to take out some of the cards that make the deck reliable, but you could unreliably try to have Omniscience out and your whole deck in hand and keep bouncing Neera, Snapcaster and maybe a few other creatures to be able to put a card on the bottom of all of their decks and Tunnel Vision them. You might want to take some extra turns, but no one likes when you do that so only do it if you're (quickly) going off with the whole deck and winning. I think that's a funny outcome, so if you can do it in a funny way without making the whole table watch you play with your entire deck for 20 minutes, you might consider building a deck that can win under those conditions. Also, if someone disrupts you and you lose, that's hilarious, too. Maybe I play too much on webcam and too few games where we all pretend winning matters, but I think if you try to do something audacious and someone disrupts you, especially easily, that's hilarious. I recently came to the conclusion that I like EDH the best because it's the funniest format and that might explain... everything I've ever written. Quite the late-life epiphany.

What do we think? Did I get too goofy with it or is there just the right amount of chaotic energy? Would you make it an Enter the Omniscience deck? Go more stealy? In general, I think Displacer Kitten is going to make Magic really weird for a long time and I think this deck showcases it well. Leave me your dream Neera build in the comments and share this piece on social media. Until next time!

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