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Reggie Fever: Getting Wild with Fevered Visions in Pioneer


The most exciting thing about Magic is the exchange of ideas. Deck ownership is a fickle concept, because no deck only has one creator. Decks are always an amalgamation of many different ideas, be they from overarching theory made by another, ideas splintered off of a small synergy in Limited or another deck, or just ideas parsed from "the hive mind" as we call it. Someone suggests a sideboard here, someone sees an inventive mana base solution there, and then it all comes together to form something more than the sum of its parts.

This is why I really enjoy playing viewer submitted decklists on my stream. Everyone approaches the game in a different way, and as such they aren't afraid to try things that I may have personally dismissed or not considered. So when my viewer Spice_Goat sent me a sweet looking Fevered Visions Pioneer deck I knew we were working with something cool.

Fevered Visions

I played it through two leagues with both his original list and then a heavily modified version I had updated and the ideas just kept coming. After a frustrating 0-5 with the first list, my updated list ended up with the clean 5-0 in a very exciting league. We started with an idea and we ended up with a wild and unique deck that is half burn deck, half synergy deck, and all around great time, but still had a long way to go and many things to try.

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:05:58

Match 2 - 00:40:25

Match 3 - 01:13:17

Match 4 - 01:26:47

Match 5 - 01:45:44

Unfortunately this run was not as smooth as our 5-0 run as our opponents always seemed to have the answer to Rotting Regisaur.

Improbable Alliance

Improbable Alliance was very interesting, but probably relied too much on Fevered Visions to trigger. Our plan was to board out Fevered Visions against very aggressive decks and that made Improbable Alliance feel like a liability. We also struggled to kill larger toughness creatures, making something like Fatal Push or perhaps Dreadbore necessary.

The Royal Scions
Fiery Temper
Treasure Cruise

Still, there was a lot of great stuff going on. The Royal Scions is phenomenal with the madness cards and being able to double up aggressively on Rotting Regisaur was awesome. The deck had good velocity and Treasure Cruise was phenomenal, with Fevered Visions making for fun and exciting games.

If Black removal is going to be super prominent and Rotting Regisaur is going to be a liability, I would like to try a straight Izzet version of the deck that really focuses in on Improbable Alliance. Cards like Just the Wind could make Fevered Visions feel even better against aggro, while Kernos, God of Storms could be a really good top end with a great chance to be a creature.

More brewing is necessary, but if you're looking to have a good time in Pioneer I recommend putting Fevered Visions into play and getting wild!

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