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Elves Know How to Party


When it comes to Constructed, the Zendikar Rising party mechanic has just come up short. Aside from the usual complaints about Base Camp, there just hasn't been a right mix found of enablers and payoffs that makes playing the party cards worth it over just playing cards that are good in a vacuum.

Harald, King of Skemfar
Tajuru Paragon
Coveted Prize

Well, the Elves of Kaldheim are here and they are ready to party with the Elves of Zendikar Rising. Throw in some changelings as well as a real hidden gem in Coveted Prize and we've got something brewing here! Sam Black posted this list on his Twitter and as a lover of synergy and creature decks I knew I had to play it.

Time Stamps:

00:04:24 - Match 1

00:28:26 - Match 2

00:51:41 - Match 3

01:11:25 - Match 4

01:26:00 - Match 5

While we did struggle a bit against the super removal heavy decks, when this deck goes off it goes off!

Coveted Prize
Toski, Bearer of Secrets
Squad Commander

It's hard to undersell how amazing Coveted Prize is when it works, as paying one Black mana for the perfect 4-drop for the occasion is incredible. Squad Commander and Toski, Bearer of Secrets were amazing at putting games away, while you can also search up good answers like Binding the Old Gods and Basalt Ravager.

The deck probably still needs a little tuning and a very concrete plan against all removal decks, but there is something very exciting here. The fact that the deck is a blast to play doesn't hurt either!

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