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Making Infinite Plant Tokens in Standard with Insidious Roots and a Turtle


One of the most intriguing cards in Murders at Karlov Manor is Insidious Roots.

Insidious Roots

It's a cheap but odd build-around enchantment with a lot of moving parts, but extreme explosive potential as if you can get an engine going, you'll be making a ton of power and toughness as well as a ton of mana. I had an early attempt at this deck in my Ten New Brews from last week, but a week of iterating from fellow content creator Yoman5 has made huge progress on tapping in to what the card is truly capable of!

Time Stamps:

03:13 - Match 1

18:13 - Match 2

45:39 - Match 3

As you can see in the video, this deck is capable of going off.

Tyvar, Jubilant Brawler
Colossal Skyturtle
Urborg Repossession

While going infinite is possible (with three Insidious Roots, a Tyvar, and two looping Colossal Skyturtles), it's largely unnecessary, as making a dozen huge plant tokens is often more than enough. Both Colossal Skyturtle as well as Urborg Repossession were cards that I missed in my first pass, providing the deck redundancy and the ability to find Insidious Roots much more reliably.

Fallaji Archaeologist
Aftermath Analyst

Fallaji Archaeologist also helps a ton in this regard, and I continue to be impressed with Aftermath Analyst. Multiple times over the course of three matches we activated its ability, and were able to use the 10+ extra lands to set up all of our recursion and loops.

This is a scary one as it just feels like we're starting to crack the surface, and it's even good against a lot of different kinds of graveyard hate!

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