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Going Wild In Modern With Collected Conjuring


Full credit where credit is due; I don't know how aspiringspike is able to continually come up with fun and interesting Modern decks over and over again, day in and day out.

Collected Conjuring

I mean, the man built a functional Modern deck around one of the biggest duds in Modern Horizons 2, Collected Conjuring - And you know that means we have to play it!

Time Stamps:

03:39 - Match 1

21:03 - Match 2

49:28 - Match 3

Okay look, I wouldn't recommend taking this deck to a Pro Tour or anything, but as far as fun and inventive deck-building goes, this one's a winner.

Crashing Footfalls
Invoke Calamity
See the Truth

There's a bunch of awesome things happening here, with Collected Conjuring and Invoke Calamity enabling all sorts of great shenanigans with Crashing Footfalls and See the Truth. Casting Invoke Calamity on two copies of Collected Conjuring is so fun it should be illegal, as is destroying lands with Vindicate.

However, as I mentioned in the video, there are some major flaws. Playing mostly at sorcery speed is a huge drawback, and the deck lacks enough speed to make up for its difficulty interacting at key points in the game. It's also very weak to the card Teferi, Time Raveler. Still, it's a very fun thought experiment that could make for a really fun casual deck with a few tune ups!

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