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LoLementals in Action


So, you want a deck that can do it all?

Attack for nine (or more) on turn three?

Have ten lands in play on turn six?

Draw tons of cards in the late game?

Brushfire Elemental
Risen Reef
Chandra, Awakened Inferno

Well don't worry, LOLementals has you covered!

Time Stamps:

00:04:41 - Match 1

00:27:51 - Match 2

00:49:01 - Match 3

00:58:24 - Match 4

01:12:02 - Match 5

I did a full writeup on this deck for last Friday's article, so definitely check that out for the full rundown, but these games went about as expected.

Deafening Clarion
Fervent Champion

Our two losses came to a five-color Yorion control deck jam packed with removal spells and an extremely low to the ground Mono-Red Aggro deck that just barely got under us. Both of these results are understandable.

The Yorion Control decks that are 40 removal spells and Yorion are always going to be tough, and we are going to need to lean extra card on our sideboarded counterspells and card advantage engines. If you really wanted to shore these up, more counterspells or planeswalkers could be in order. On the other end of the spectrum, super low to the ground Mono-Red Aggro decks can also be difficult, as cheap spot removal to take apart our early pieces like Risen Reef and friends can team up with a fast clock to get us before our bigger engines can get online. More cheap removal or even something as heavy handed as Thragtusk could be the answer there.

Even so, both matches were still very close, and with so many colors and options in Historic the deck can certainly adapt. This is one I look forward to working on more and is one of the most enjoyable Historic decks I've played in a long time!

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