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Modern Dimir Mill Wins PTQ!


Dimir Mill is one of those decks always lurking in the background in Modern.

Glimpse the Unthinkable
Hedron Crab
Mesmeric Orb

It has been an established archetype for years, but has also never been a consistent performer or a major part of the metagame, despite getting great new additions recently like Drown in the Loch and Ruin Crab. It waits in the shadows, waiting to strike, and strike it did last weekend in the hands of Daniel Brodie taking down a Magic Online Super PTQ!

Time Stamps:

00:05:59 - Match 1

00:37:59 - Match 2

00:53:20 - Match 3

01:25:44 - Match 4

02:00:10 - Match 5

I really appreciate how clean this list is.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den
Fatal Push
Drown in the Loch

Rather than attempting to be a full-on linier deck and focus only on milling as fast as possible, Daniel has a great spread of interactive elements to go along with only the best and most consistent Mill cards. Fatal Push and Drown in the Loch are a great split of interaction, with Drown in the Loch in particular literally just being a Counterspell/Terminate split card. Throw in some card draw with Visions of Beyond and some flood insurance with Lurrus of the Dream-Den and the deck can win fast but also go long if it has to.

Dimir Mill is a powerful and sneaky player in Modern!

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