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Winning With Walls in Standard


Walls, or defenders, have always been an adorable quirk in Magic: The Gathering.

Wall of Swords
Animate Wall
Illusionary Wall

I'm not exactly sure why Richard Garfield was so enamored with the idea of creatures that couldn't attack, but there were a ton of walls in the first few Magic sets across all colors, as well as things like Animate Wall to make them into potent attackers.

Well, what if we brought that energy to Standard?

Time Stamps:

03:59 - Match 1

26:45 - Match 2

42:40 - Match 3

If you've ever done a Dominaria United draft you've probably had nightmares about Wingmantle Chaplain, and you're also aware what an incredible token maker it is.

Wingmantle Chaplain
Walking Bulwark
Faithbound Judge // Sinner's Judgment

There was a defender theme in that set with Wingmangle Chaplain joining Walking Bulwark and a few other defenders to make sure that you were also able to win the game with your walls. Chaplain creates bird tokens left and right for offense and defense, while the Bulwark sends your defenders into the red zone.

Ledger Shredder
Knight-Errant of Eos
Meeting of Minds

However, you can't get it done with just defenders, which is where the wonderful Ledger Shredder and the new Knight-Errant of Eos come in. Ledger Shredder is a proven multi-format all-star that doesn't have much to do in Standard because most decks don't play that many one-mana spells, but shines here, while the new Knight-Errant of Eos is the star of the show and the reason to put 16 1-drops into your deck.

This deck played out surprisingly well and was an absolute blast!

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