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Taking Down Standard With The Secret Life Of Pets


Everyone loves pets, but do you ever wonder what your dog, cat, frog, or octopus does while you're not around?

Selfless Savior
Sea-Dasher Octopus

If you answered "winning matches of Standard" you'd be right!

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:05:19

Match 2 - 00:20:57

Match 3 - 00:30:06

Match 4 - 00:49:03

Match 5 - 01:06:56

Mutate may feel more like a Limited mechanic, but it looks like we've finally found the formula to make it work in Standard. Including these five matches with matches I've played previously on stream, this deck is 7-1 in Diamond/Mythic, mixing draft all-stars with Standard format staples.

Pollywog Symbiote
Stonecoil Serpent
Selfless Savior

Pollywog Symbiote is certainly the lynchpin that turbocharges the deck, but it's really the two 1-drops that put it over the edge. Stonecoil Serpent is the best mutate target in the format, giving a huge power and toughness boost as well as evasion and protection from the best card in the format. Selfless Savior can be a mutate target in a pinch, but is much more important at protecting your large mutate pile. Mutate as a mechanic necessitates going all-in, but protection like Selfless Savior and Fight As One keep you from being blown out.

With powerful mutate effects like Cubwarden and Sea-Dasher Octopus, as well as Teferi, Time Raveler and appropriate Blue sideboard cards top help against Temur Reclamation, The Secret Life of Pets is a deck that's both fun and competitive... in a format where the common complaint is that fun things just aren't competitive!

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