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Party in the USA


While Zendikar Rising has been well received in Standard and we're looking at a fun and healthy format, one mechanic in the set hasn't really made its way out of limited.

Archpriest of Iona
Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate
Concerted Defense

A very unique take on tribal, party offers much more interesting deck-building choices than normal tribal decks that just turn into "gotta catch em all" for whatever creature type is the theme. Party decks need to find just the right balance between types to maximize their payoffs, which can be challenging. Good thing we have Stonework Packbeast to fill in the blanks!

Time Stamps:

06:21 - Match 1

34:01 - Match 2

40:30 - Match 3

46:47 - Match 4

59:15 - Match 5

Make no mistake, this is a Winota, Joiner of Forces deck. Winota is one of the few pillars of the format that hasn't really been solved yet, and while this deck isn't totally optimized for her she was still very good in our games.

Extinction Event
Bonecrusher Giant
Shatter the Sky

Unfortunately, it's a rough world out there for trying to throw a party, with tons of great removal options in a creature heavy format, but we still made out pretty well. The biggest frustration with party decks is of course Base Camp, as having an untapped good source of mana would have made our lives much easier at many points.

Still the deck is fun and capable, and who doesn't like a good party?

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