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Magic Mics: Revenge of the Myth


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Airdate - 5/08/2019

First Pick

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Tolarian Winds: "The Mythic Mess Up":

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The Class-Action Lawsuit:

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Gather the Townsfolk

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Magic Fall Set 2019, "Archery":

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16-Year-Old Wins MTGO MCQ:

Desperate Ravings

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2 Planeswalkers in MH1 - 2nd is a new character

MCII With 25k Peak Viewers:

Foil Japanese Liliana Sells for $1.1k:

Karn Wins a Vintage Challenge:

Splash Damage

Magic, the World's Most Complex Game:

U.S. Senator Introduces Ban on Loot Boxes:

Riot Games Walkout:

The Art of Calling an Audible:

The Finisher

If there's one thing Erin loves, it's viral twitter memes that lead to 20-tweet long threads that clog up her timeline worse than a Culver's double butter burger with a concrete shake. So when @punishedcatdad launched a new campaign asking the burning question "what color do you associate with me," obviously we were right on it. So with that in mind, and in honor of the patron saint of paints, Erin's other favorite Bob Ross, what colors do you associate with your cohosts?