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Dominaria Domination


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Airdate - 9/9/2022

First Pick

Dominaria - Week One

  • Mono Black Best Deck?
  • Draft format = solved w 0/3 Defenders as the Mythic Uncommon?

Gather the Townsfolk

The Painland Thread:


Astrology Lands: Virgo:


Splash Damage

Lorcana Revealed:


The Finisher

"We appreciate the trust MTG has placed in Flex to design and manufacture its premium, state-of-the-art hair dryer" says David Moezidis, the President of Lifestyle Solutions on their impending partnership with MTG Co., a beauty brand from Japan... not a popular trading card game. But I definitely did a double-take reading that headline, so tell me: What's the next beauty partnership for Magic?

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