Ultimate Masters
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Magic Mics: In the Bluff


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First Pick

Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica:

  1. Andrew Elenbogen defeats LSV in finals; Dezani; Watanabe top 8.
  2. 510 players (most ever for non-team PT).
  3. Luis Salvatto defeats Seth Manfield 4-2 to win POY playoff.
  4. Wescoe (vacation) and Larsson (Artifact tournament) skip event.
  5. Trophy isn’t embarrassing:
  6. Tom Ross is back:
  7. Reuben wins PT player draft, Evan wins card draft

Gather the Townsfolk

2019 MOCS:

Dustin Wade Roberson:

Willy Edel Retires:

Desperate Ravings

No free water bottles / t-shirts / pro player tokens at the PT:

Bad PT Security:

LSV Token Bluff:

After unfortunate hot take, Jeff Hoogland out of paper for a bit:

“The future of competitive Magic” announcement on Dec 6:

Tolarian Community College: How Wizards Sabotaged Ultimate:

Age old PSulli:

Splash Damage

Reid in Alumni Magazine:

Joseph Gordon Levitt & MTG Memories:

Keyforge bad deck names:

Artifact using APIs:

God Complex…

The Finisher

The folks at LoadingReadyRun are headed into Hour 131 of the Desert Bus for Hope 2018 over at Over the past nine years, the gang has (as of about 45 minutes ago) raised 5 million dollars for Child’s Play, a charity that donates toys, games and funds to children’s hospitals all over the world. The more money raised the longer the team has to keep playing Desert Bus, a minigame from Penn & Teller’s mercifully unreleased Sega CD Smoke and Mirrors. And while the cult classic game is widely considered to be the worst game ever made, I think maybe we can do better… or worse. So if you were hired to make the next best worst game ever, what would you make?