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Magic Mics: The Spirit of Giving


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Airdate - 12/12/2018

First Pick

Magic Enters Esports - “They Will Know” campaign

Initial leak at 6PM:

Official WotC:

Over 35M Players:

The Magic Pro League will feature 32 players with $75k contracts that will play weekly #MTGArena matches and the Mythic Championships. The info about who will be at the PAX East Mythic Championship Invitational will be announced in January. The Pro Tours will become Mythic Championships and increase their prizes to $500k each.

There won't be 6 Pro Tours in 2019. Wizards is reducing them back to 4:

  • -Cleveland: February 22–24
  • London: April 26–28
  • Barcelona: July 26–28
  • Richmond: November 8–10

GPs in 2019 will feature $2.5 million in prizes.

The 2019 MTG World Championship will feature players from Arena.

Nationals is no more.

There will be no #MTG World Cup in 2019.

The 2018-19 Team Series is the last Team Series.

The Pro Club System and Pro Points will be ending in 2019.

Hall of Fame will change going forward.

Team Series dead after 18-19 season

GP Seattle (June 2019) last event to feature pro points.

Job Security via Sam Black:

Mythic Championship Qualifiers:

Gather the Townsfolk

MTGO - epic crash in value

Estimates of 18% fall in Standard, 30% in eternal cards.

MTGOTraders & Cardhoarder stops buying:

And begin again:

Everything is fine:

Seriously fine:

State of the Program due this week.

MTGO Real Killer: Treasure Chests

Newsweek story on Kat Light’s Deck:

RNA Spoiler:

Standard Plus coming:

SCG Con - Snowed out Sunday:

SCG Commentary Teams - Welcome Emma Handy!

Gerry token:

Magic Mics swag:

Desperate Ravings

No Twitch Chat during World Magic Cup:

Rhino Fundraiser:

Brandon Sanderson ebook:

MTGO RPTQ over capacity already:

Related re: Pro Status Changes:

Kibler’s Giant Monsters coming to Arena Dec 14-17:

Amyzonian Play Anything coming to Arena Dec 21-24:

“Draft Personalities” Coming to Arena:

  • No indication who you are drafting with

New Ranking System coming to Arena:

Best of 1 focus = bad for EV; killing sideboard games?

Silver Showcase Auction:

Splash Damage

Thief caught:

The Finisher

HASBRO announced plans today for its first indoor water park and family resort, themed around some of its biggest toy and game franchises. According to sources, the Hasbro resort is set to open in a currently unannounced location by 2022. Now, surely rides and installations inspired by Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos, My Little Pony, Mr. Potato Head, Candy Land and Nerf are going to be fun and all, but the headliner for us obviously is Magic: The Gathering. So tell me: what is your mythic idea for HASBROLand’s MTG experience?