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Drafting with DeTora - DII Draft #1


Hello, everyone, and welcome to my first DKA ISD ISD Draft walkthrough! This was a Magic Online 8–4 queue.

Pack 1, Pick 1:

Headless Skaab, Silverclaw Griffin, Shriekgeist, Hollowhenge Beast, Spiteful Shadows, Young Wolf, Evolving Wilds, Griptide, Wrack with Madness, Heckling Fiends, Niblis of the Breath, Thraben Heretic, Hinterland Hermit, Alpha Brawl, Swamp

My options in this pack were Niblis of the Breath, Thraben Heretic, and Wrack with Madness. Thraben Heretic is a lot worse than both Niblis and Wrack. I really like red in this format, and think it’s underdrafted, but Niblis of the Breath is way stronger than Wrack with Madness, so I went with the Niblis first.

My Pick:

Niblis of the Breath


Pack 1, Pick 2:

Haunted Fengraf, Tragic Slip, Faithless Looting, Headless Skaab, Silverclaw Griffin, Young Wolf, Evolving Wilds, Griptide, Wrack with Madness, Grim Flowering, Shattered Perception, Chosen of Markov, Increasing Ambition, Island

I could have taken Griptide to stay on color, but Tragic Slip is a very good removal spell and worth dipping into a second color for.

My Pick:

Tragic Slip


Pack 1, Pick 3:

Hollowhenge Beast, Ray of Revelation, Clinging Mists, Burden of Guilt, Bone to Ash, Wrack with Madness, Divination, Somberwald Dryad, Curse of Thirst, Village Survivors, Chosen of Markov, Increasing Confusion, Plains

Seeing Increasing Confusion, Griptide, and Bone to Ash was a strong signal that blue was open. Being passed the third Wrack with Madness meant that red was open as well. Increasing Confusion could win games on its own, and I didn’t necessarily need to adapt to a mill strategy to play it, so I took that.

My Pick:

Increasing Confusion


Pack 1, Pick 4:

Screeching Skaab, Nearheath Stalker, Crushing Vines, Erdwal Ripper, Evolving Wilds, Talons of Falkenrath, Midnight Guard, Wolfhunter's Quiver, Curse of Thirst, Stromkirk Captain, Afflicted Deserter, Forest

From the looks of this pack, red was definitely open; however, Wolfhunter's Quiver was an excellent pick and kept my options open.

My Pick:

Wolfhunter's Quiver


Pack 1, Pick 5:

Spiteful Shadows, Executioner's Hood, Bar the Door, Thought Scour, Ulvenwald Bear, Undying Evil, Griptide, Curse of Exhaustion, Tracker's Instincts, Hinterland Hermit, Plains

This pick really wasn’t close. It wasn’t worth it to move into another color here, so I took the only good blue card.

My Pick:



Pack 1, Pick 6:

Hollowhenge Beast, Spiteful Shadows, Saving Grasp, Undying Evil, Scorch the Fields, Markov Warlord, Warden of the Wall, Mystic Retrieval, Lambholt Elder, Swamp

I strongly considered picking Markov Warlord here, but I chose to stay on color and just take the artifact.

My Pick:

Warden of the Wall


Pack 1, Pick 7:

Crushing Vines, Silverclaw Griffin, Spiteful Shadows, Ulvenwald Bear, Undying Evil, Griptide, Faith's Shield, Afflicted Deserter, Forest

Again here, it wasn’t worth it to move into another color. The problem was that black was being completely cut off from me, but it looked like red and white were both open. I was going to have to choose what my second color was going to be soon.

My Pick:



Pack 1, Pick 8:

Bar the Door, Russet Wolves, Artful Dodge, Dawntreader Elk, Sanctuary Cat, Curse of Exhaustion, Hinterland Hermit, Forest

In this pack, I finally chose my second color. I’m a big fan of U/R aggro/tempo, and the Hinterland Hermit provided me with a 2-drop that this type of deck needed.

My Pick:

Hinterland Hermit


Pack 1, Pick 9:

Hollowhenge Beast, Spiteful Shadows, Young Wolf, Evolving Wilds, Heckling Fiends, Alpha Brawl, Swamp

I was astonished that Evolving Wilds was still in the pack. It usually goes as late as fifth pick, but I’ve never seen it this late. The Alpha Brawl was really slow but on color, so I considered that, but I knew I was going to be splashing Tragic Slip, so the Evolving Wilds was better here.

My Pick:

Evolving Wilds


Pack 1, Pick 10:

Haunted Fengraf, Faithless Looting, Young Wolf, Grim Flowering, Shattered Perception, Island

At this point, it looked as though I was U/R, so Faithless Looting was a great card for me to pick up.

My Pick:

Faithless Looting


Pack 1, Pick 11:

Hollowhenge Beast, Ray of Revelation, Clinging Mists, Curse of Thirst, Plains

My Pick:

Hollowhenge Beast


Pack 1, Pick 12:

Nearheath Stalker, Talons of Falkenrath, Curse of Thirst, Forest

My Pick:

Nearheath Stalker


Pack 1, Pick 13:

Spiteful Shadows, Curse of Exhaustion, Plains

My Pick:

Curse of Exhaustion


Pack 1, Pick 14:

Spiteful Shadows, Swamp

My Pick:

Spiteful Shadows


Pack 1, Pick 15:


My Pick:



Pack 2, Pick 1:

Avacynian Priest, Riot Devils, Curse of the Bloody Tome, Kindercatch, Feral Ridgewolf, Altar's Reap (FOIL), Rotting Fensnake, Travel Preparations, Village Bell-Ringer, Mausoleum Guard, Skaab Goliath, Galvanic Juggernaut, Kessig Wolf Run, Delver of Secrets, Mountain

I wasn’t very happy with this pack. My only option was Galvanic Juggernaut, which is fine, but my deck was looking a bit on the slow side. I needed to draft a lot of 2- and 3-drop creatures from here on out.

My Pick:

Galvanic Juggernaut


Pack 2, Pick 2:

Gruesome Deformity, Grave Bramble, Bloodcrazed Neonate, Silverchase Fox, Night Revelers, Spectral Flight, Rotting Fensnake, Caravan Vigil, Inquisitor's Flail, Skirsdag Cultist, Purify the Grave, Angel of Flight Alabaster, Grizzled Outcasts, Plains

Skirsdag Cultist was looking like the pick, but I didn’t want another 4-drop. My red at that point was Faithless Looting, Hinterland Hermit, and Nearheath Stalker, all of which are pretty weak. I chose the Angel because I could splash it or switch to white if the cards came.

My Pick:

Angel of Flight Alabaster


Pack 2, Pick 3:

Doomed Traveler, Lost in the Mist, Elder Cathar, Grave Bramble, Bloodcrazed Neonate, Thraben Purebloods, Furor of the Bitten, Feeling of Dread, Darkthicket Wolf, Dissipate, Trepanation Blade, Geistcatcher's Rig, Island

It looked as though blue was being cut off but that white was open. Geistcatcher's Rig is better than Doomed Traveler, and it was removal, so I just went with that.

My Pick:

Geistcatcher's Rig


Pack 2, Pick 4:

Cobbled Wings, Skeletal Grimace, Claustrophobia, Rotting Fensnake, Ghoulraiser, Spectral Flight, Chapel Geist, Village Cannibals, Skaab Goliath, Creepy Doll, Thraben Sentry, Forest

Again, blue was nowhere to be seen. Chapel Geist is awesome, so I was happy about grabbing that.

My Pick:

Chapel Geist


Pack 2, Pick 5:

Orchard Spirit, Ancient Grudge, Traveler's Amulet, Corpse Lunge, Infernal Plunge, Ranger's Guile, Stromkirk Patrol, Scourge of Geier Reach, Hollowhenge Scavenger, Thraben Sentry, Swamp

My plan to switch into white was paying off so far.

My Pick:

Thraben Sentry


Pack 2, Pick 6:

Ghoulcaller's Bell, Makeshift Mauler, Spare from Evil, Geistflame, Silent Departure, Ghoulraiser, Abbey Griffin, Prey Upon, Infernal Plunge, Plains

I thought long and hard about switching back to red for that Geistflame, but I was pretty happy about taking the Silent Departure.

My Pick:

Silent Departure


Pack 2, Pick 7:

Frightful Delusion, Doomed Traveler, Ghostly Possession, Deranged Assistant, Disciple of Griselbrand, Boneyard Wurm, Battleground Geist, Hanweir Watchkeep, Swamp

I could have taken the Assistant—both that and Doomed Traveler are early plays, which my deck needed. Overall, I thought that the Doomed Traveler was better.

My Pick:

Doomed Traveler


Pack 2, Pick 8:

Selfless Cathar, Curse of Oblivion, Hysterical Blindness, Vampiric Fury, Ghostly Possession, Purify the Grave, Gutter Grime, Swamp

Selfless Cathar was on color, but I wouldn’t be happy about playing it.

My Pick:

Selfless Cathar


Pack 2, Pick 9:

Riot Devils, Curse of the Bloody Tome, Kindercatch, Altar's Reap (FOIL), Rotting Fensnake, Village Bell-Ringer, Mountain

My Pick:

Village Bell-Ringer


Pack 2, Pick 10:

Gruesome Deformity, Grave Bramble, Inquisitor's Flail, Purify the Grave, Grizzled Outcasts, Plains

My Pick:

Purify the Grave


Pack 2, Pick 11:

Lost in the Mist, Grave Bramble, Thraben Purebloods, Feeling of Dread, Island

My Pick:

Feeling of Dread


Pack 2, Pick 12:

Cobbled Wings, Rotting Fensnake, Spectral Flight, Forest

My Pick:

Spectral Flight


Pack 2, Pick 13:

Ancient Grudge, Infernal Plunge, Swamp

My Pick:

Ancient Grudge


Pack 2, Pick 14:

Infernal Plunge, Plains

My Pick:

Infernal Plunge


Pack 2, Pick 15:


My Pick:



Pack 3, Pick 1:

Dead Weight, Somberwald Spider, Riot Devils, Altar's Reap, Forbidden Alchemy, Pitchburn Devils, Caravan Vigil, Abbey Griffin, Brain Weevil, Memory's Journey, Desperate Ravings, Intangible Virtue, Bloodgift Demon, Grizzled Outcasts, Mountain

There were absolutely no good blue or white cards in this pack. I wouldn’t take Abbey Griffin because at that point, I had plenty of 4-drops already, and Abbey Griffin is very mediocre. Dead Weight was good removal, and I was already splashing black, so I went with that.

My Pick:

Dead Weight


Pack 3, Pick 2:

Moon Heron, Avacyn's Pilgrim, Bump in the Night, Maw of the Mire, Infernal Plunge, Stony Silence (FOIL), Village Bell-Ringer, Caravan Vigil, Sensory Deprivation, Rolling Temblor, Full Moon's Rise, Nevermore, Tormented Pariah, Plains

My Pick:

Moon Heron

Moon Heron was a good flyer for my deck and a Spirit that worked with Angel of Flight Alabaster. Another 4-drop seemed awful, but it was a better pick than Village Bell-Ringer.


Pack 3, Pick 3:

Curse of the Bloody Tome, Cobbled Wings, Woodland Sleuth, Moonmist, Walking Corpse, Smite the Monstrous, Spidery Grasp, Selhoff Occultist, Curse of the Nightly Hunt, Unburial Rites, Elder of Laurels, Hanweir Watchkeep, Mountain

I wasn’t too excited to see Elder of Laurels, but what could I do? Selhoff Occultist was the much needed creature for my deck that cost less than 4 mana.

My Pick:

Selhoff Occultist


Pack 3, Pick 4:

Gnaw to the Bone, Vampire Interloper, Curse of the Pierced Heart, Urgent Exorcism, Manor Skeleton, Dream Twist, Moon Heron, Ghoulcaller's Bell, Maw of the Mire, Falkenrath Noble, Curiosity, Forest

My choices here were a second Moon Heron or Falkenrath Noble. Noble was in my splash color but is an excellent card that could swing games in my favor. My deck really needed this guy.

My Pick:

Falkenrath Noble


Pack 3, Pick 5:

Wooden Stake, Ghoulcaller's Chant, Curse of the Pierced Heart, Shimmering Grotto, Moonmist, Smite the Monstrous, Village Cannibals, Skaab Goliath, Creeping Renaissance, Tormented Pariah, Island

I could have taken Smite the Monstrous, but with my three-card splash, Shimmering Grotto was a no-brainer.

My Pick:

Shimmering Grotto


Pack 3, Pick 6:

Skeletal Grimace, Gruesome Deformity, One-Eyed Scarecrow, Ghostly Possession, Blazing Torch, Village Cannibals, Grasp of Phantoms, Creepy Doll, Hanweir Watchkeep, Plains

My choices were Blazing Torch and Grasp of Phantoms. Griptide-like effects are really good, so although I could have used the cheap removal, I felt that a third Griptide was better.

My Pick:

Grasp of Phantoms


Pack 3, Pick 7:

Naturalize, Harvest Pyre, Mulch, Night Terrors, Feeling of Dread, Corpse Lunge, Ancient Grudge, Lumberknot, Island

My Pick:



Pack 3, Pick 8:

Skeletal Grimace, Gruesome Deformity, Ancient Grudge, Thraben Purebloods, Orchard Spirit, Furor of the Bitten, Demonmail Hauberk, Island

My Pick:

Thraben Purebloods


Pack 3, Pick 9:

Somberwald Spider, Riot Devils, Brain Weevil, Memory's Journey, Desperate Ravings, Intangible Virtue, Mountain

My Pick:

Somberwald Spider


Pack 3, Pick 10:

Infernal Plunge, Caravan Vigil, Sensory Deprivation, Full Moon's Rise, Nevermore, Plains

My Pick:

Sensory Deprivation


Pack 3, Pick 11:

Cobbled Wings, Woodland Sleuth, Moonmist, Curse of the Nightly Hunt, Mountain

My Pick:

Cobbled Wings


Pack 3, Pick 12:

Dream Twist, Ghoulcaller's Bell, Curiosity, Forest

My Pick:

Dream Twist


Pack 3, Pick 13:

Wooden Stake, Curse of the Pierced Heart, Island

My Pick:

Curse of the Pierced Heart


Pack 3, Pick 14:

Gruesome Deformity, Plains

My Pick:

Gruesome Deformity


Pack 3, Pick 15:


My Pick:



Here’s the deck I played:

Overall, I wasn’t extremely happy with the deck, but I knew that I had enough removal to make it work.

Round 1 – B/R Aggro

Game 1, my opponent played a lot of random 2/2s, including Stromkirk Captain, Heckling Fiends, and Gravecrawler. My Warden of the Wall kept his creatures from ever attacking while I beat him down with flyers.

Game 2 went much differently. I had a slow start, and he began with Hanweir Watchkeep, which he transformed the next turn, and then dropped a Galvanic Juggernaut on turn four. By the time I stabilized, I was at 5 life, and a Bump in the Night with flashback finished me off.

Game 3 was very much like Game 1. I drew a solid curve of flyers and a few Griptides, and my opponent could never keep up with my flyers.

Round 2 – U/B Mill/Control

My opponent began with a turn-two Shriekgeist on the play, which milled me for four cards by the time I was able to deal with it. My opponent had a few Dream Twists but was stuck on lands, so I was able to overwhelm him quickly.

A problem I found when drafting the mill deck is that all of the spells are cheap, such as Dream Twist, Thought Scour, and Curse of the Bloody Tome. Therefore, the mill deck could play as few as fifteen lands. I don’t know if this was true of my opponent, but he missed multiple land drops in our game.

Game 2 was more of the same: mill effects and not enough removal for my creatures.

Round 3 – G/W Aggro

I mulliganed to six on the draw while my opponent mulliganed to five. I kept a two-lander with plenty of 3-drops, but I missed my third land drop for two turns. In the meantime, my opponent had a sick curve of Avacyn's Pilgrim, Villagers of Estwald, Darkthicket Wolf, and Orchard Spirit, and I died very quickly.

Game 2, we both mulliganed again, but my opponent’s hand was not as good as it was in Game 1. I had a curve of Wolfhunter's Quiver, Dead Weight, Chapel Geist, Moon Heron, and Angel of Flight Alabaster, which was too much for my opponent to deal with.

Game 3, I had a Wolfhunter's Quiver and a Village Bell-Ringer, and my opponent started the game with Doomed Traveler, Avacyn's Pilgrim, and Niblis of the Mist. I knew that once I hit my fifth land drop and was able to equip the Quiver, I would make short work of my opponent’s creatures.

However, the turn before I was able to equip it, my opponent played and flashed back Travel Preparations, making it so my Quiver did nothing. I was being beaten down fast, but I stabilized at 2 life. A timely Divine Reckoning from my opponent put the game out of reach for me, and I lost.


I was overall happy to make it to the finals with a deck that I felt was weak. I hope I can win the next one! As always, thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on Twitter @AllWeDoIsWinMTG!

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