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Wizards Takes a Stand Against Counterfeiting


While proxy cards have long been a part of the game and continue to serve as an important tool for players testing with new, difficult to obtain, or unreleased cards, producing lookalike versions with the intent to sell as legitimate copies to customers has become a growing concern in recent years. Both commercial and private printing advances means the ability to replicate the look and feel of genuine Magic cards will only improve, and while adding a foil embedding to rare cards will help it isn't the only means Wizards has available for fighting forgery.

Today the Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing for Magic: The Gathering, Elaine Chase, announced the results of their recent efforts into stopping counterfeit activity.

In cooperation with law enforcement agents as well as private partners around the world, Wizards stopped a substantial volume of counterfeit cards from entering the market by locating the manufacturing source in China. A Shenzhen-based printing company was determined to be the source of counterfeit cards that popped up in sample quantities in some markets. That company and its key foreign sales representatives ultimately complied with Wizards of the Coast's demands, cooperated with the investigation, and ceased all infringing activity.

Wizards also conducted an effective sweep of notorious counterfeit-seller websites, and several smaller, low-quality printers and sellers each ultimately agreed to cease all infringing activity.

Additionally, Wizards of the Coast's collaboration with federal and local law enforcement agencies facilitated the successful interception of an individual based in North Carolina who acted as a primary distributor of counterfeits in the United States. The joint effort led to the suspect's full cooperation in the investigation as well as the recovery of his inventory of counterfeit Magic cards.

Recognizing the possibility that unscrupulous individuals may try to take unfair advantage of Magic's growing popularity, Wizards remains committed to vigorously protecting the Magic community from counterfeiters.

Additionally, in Wizards's commitment to fighting counterfeiting, Chase noted that both local law enforcement and investigations@wizards.com can be contacted at any time with information about counterfeiting Magic.

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