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Maynard bests Buenos Aires


Despite Dragons being the primary theme of Standard over the last several weeks, this weekend the megamorphing dynamic duo of Den Protector and Deathmist Raptor took the trophy in the hands of Pascal Maynard. Maynard ground his way through 700 other players with his Abzan Megamorph deck, including Facundo Conde with Abzan Control in the quarterfinals, Thalos Santos with Mardu Dragons in the semifinals, and Marcos Paulo de Jesus with Green-Red devotion in the finals.

An additional exciting consequence of Maynard's continued streak of Grand Prix dominance is that he has tied Alexander Hayne for Grand Prix Player of the Year at 22 points. That means that the title and the World Championships invitation that goes with it, are still up in the air as we head in to the last few Grand Prix of the season.

Congratulations to Pascal Maynard, champion of Grand Prix Buenos Aires 2015.

Congratulations again to Pascal Maynard, champion of Grand Prix Buenos Aires! For more action on the weekend check out the complete coverage of Grand Prix Buenos Aires on MagicTheGathering.com.

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