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This Week in Magic 10/15 -10/21



Standard and Block

  • Magic Candy (SCG$) — Brad Nelson picks his specific lists for each of the top-ten archetypes after the conclusion of the 2011’s.
  • Solar Flare by the Numbers—Alexander Shearer flashes back to a classic archetype that is established itself as Standard’s new end boss.
  • Winning Wisconsin States—Owen Turtenwald trampled over his opponents with Wolf Run Ramp
  • 1st with Township Tokens—Mikael Conrow put another Innistrad land, Gavony Township, to good use and took home the gold in Virginia.
  • UBlack to the Future—Josh Silvestri knew land disruption was going to be important heading into States, so he teamed up Ghost Quarters with a card advantage engine.
  • Four! An Arizona States Report—Adam Proezak also likes UB, which took him to a first-place finish in AZ.
  • That Bearl is Poison—Ken Bearl is running the infectious new mono-black brew that’s been becoming more and more popular.
  • Going Tribal—Darwin Kastle thinks Goblins, Myr, and Humans as the closest to tier one amongst the tribal contenders.
  • Garruk vs. Garruk for Baltimore—Todd Anderson considers the correct Planeswalker split in Wolf Run decks.
  • Burning through States—Jonathan Sukenik’s Izzet brew keeps bringing pain.
  • Puny Humans—Mike Cannon has a budget WW deck that makes Adaptive Automaton an honorary human.
  • Werewolf Bar Mitzvah—Frank Lepore’s got a few fresh ideas for those already tired of seeing the same old decks.
  • Modern Zoo—Blackborder’s guide to the many variations on Zoo available to the Modern mage.


Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

Casual and Variant Formats


  • How to Negotiate—Chas Andres applies “Who’s the Beatdown” to the trade tables.
  • Guess Who’s Back (SCG$) — Jonathan Medina gets back to building his Modern portfolio after the PT announcement.
  • Post  States  Recession (QS$) — Chad Havas on how to  come out ahead after the market floods with format staples.

Theory and Miscellany

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