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Wizards Reveals 'Mentor Mode' for MTGO


Wizards revealed today a new way for players to teach others about Magic utilizing Magic Online. The new mode is called 'Mentor Mode.'

Here's how it works: A player with either a Standard format deck or a Planeswalker format deck selects Mentor format from the lower 'Type' dropdown in the New Game Options menu and creates a match. Alternately, a player could challenge one of his or her friends and select the Mentor format in the Challenge window.

The joining player must also select a Standard or Planeswalker format legal deck, but it can be a different format than the game's creator. This means that you could have two Standard format decks, two Planeswalker format decks, or one Standard format deck and one Planeswalker format deck squaring off against each other. We wanted to make sure that it was as easy as possible for an established player to help a newer player, so we didn't want to limit matches to only Standard or only Planeswalker format matches.

Using this mode will have both players utilize a Jace Beleren Vanguard card in their Command zone, as part of the format it's not required to be part of either player's decks or collection. The Vanguard card allows players to easily access some functions which might be useful in teaching others the game. Thus furthering people's ability to teach Magic via MTGO.

Read more about this new feature on Wizards.com.

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