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This Week in Magic 10/28 -11/4



Standard and Block

  • Running with Wolves—Conley Woods charts the evolution of the Wolf Run Green Deck.
  • Eighteen or Nineteen—Shuhei Nakamura maximizes his forest count to take full advantage of Dungrove Elder in his “Outback Dunny” list.
  • Of Stripmines and Snapcasters—Michael Martin discusses the state of WW, the power of RUG, and shares and explosive elf-centric build.
  • White: The New Red—Darwin Castle has surveyed the Plains and has liked what he’s seen.
  • GW ROFLstomp—Daniel Unwin teamed Blade Splicers with Overruns and it paid off in Brisbane.
  • Delving into the Unreal—Todd Anderson encourages you to use your illusions.


  • U/B Self Mill—($SCG) Brad Nelson on the delicate balancing act involved in drafting the graveyard dependant strategy.
  • Innistrad Sealed—Nassim Ketita settles on a Boros build of his virtual sealed pool.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

  • Control in Modern—Adam Koska looks for ways to use his Remands and he also has a 5c Control list ready for the Modern meta.
  • Delving Around—Caleb Durward considers the relative importance of Delver of Secrets and Brainstorm in the recent resurgence of Blue.
  • How to Beat Everything Using Savannah—($SCG) Drew Levin goes Maverick just in time for elections season.
  • Broken Crutch—Adam Barnello challenges eternal players to think outside the box and push past X-3.
  • Learning Legacy—Carrie Oliver pilots a Zoo deck in her first Legacy tournament and discusses the value of a lending system.
  • How to Stifle for Value—Michael Caffrey’s examination of one of the most polarizing cards in Legacy.

Casual and Variant Formats

  • Powering up My Commander Deck—Bennie Smith overhauls his Glissa deck and takes the well-oiled machine out for a drive.
  • Oh, Livia!—Sheldon Menery breaks down a League-mates Olivia deck which he deems competitive, but sporting. 
  • Beating Down with the Bandit Warlord—Sean McKeown updates a reader’s Godo deck with Innistrad cards, classic equipments, and a split-second favorite.
  • So You Sphinx You Can Win—Nathan Wizenbaum has a one-on-one Commander puzzle where you need to pilot a Sharuum Sphinx deck to victory. 
  • Filth Casserole Magic—Inkwell Looter proposes new singleton format utilizing the Modern card pool. 
  • The Equinaut Primer—Abe Sargent gets freaky with equilibrium and a pack of death kitties.
  • The Community Cube: Innistrad—Adam Styborski provides the breakdown and ballots for Innistrad updates to the on-going project. 
  • Deathfed Review—Last week’s review of Hold the Line talked me into picking up a copy of the event deck for my girlfriend.  See what Ertai’s Lament has to say about the three-color counterpart. 


Theory and Miscellany

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