Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • Cartel Aristocrats #135: Modern Hustle

    It’s been a slow week for Magic Finance, but the Aristocrats keep up the hustle talking about Modern Horizons, grading old bordered foils, and more!
  • Magic Mics: Top Ten Warriors

    The Warriors come out to play as Erin, Evan, and Reuben break down their Top Ten of the battle-ready creature type!
  • The Other Side of Gruul

    Mike Flores takes a look at a more Green-heavy take on the Gruul Aggro decks making the rounds!
  • New Player Commander Decks: Selesnya & Rakdos

    Bruce shows off the Selesnya and Rakdos New Player Commander Decks and offers some cheap and easy upgrades!
  • Top Ten Type Four Cards

    Abe Sargent breaks down his Top Ten cards for one of his favorite casual formats: Type Four!
  • The Ballad of Thief of Sanity

    Rudy has been dying to give Thief of Sanity a shot in Legacy, and he might have finally found a list to do it!
  • New Player Commander Decks: Gruul & Dimir

    Stephen kicks off coverage of our New Player Commander Decks, showing off the Red-Green and Blue-Black lists and some potential upgrades!
  • Standard Esper Bugler

    Jim takes on Standard with a sweet Esper list featuring Militia Bugler and friends!
  • MTG Fast Finance: Episode 158 - Modern Horizons

    MTG Fast Finance makes its CoolStuff debut as James Chillcott and Travis Allen talk Modern Horizons and the latest financial trends!
  • Rating 50 Potential Reprints for Modern Horizons

    Jim goes all in on evaluating cards outside of Modern for their likelihood of showing up in Modern Horizons!