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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Stephen Johnson

    Codie Farenheit 451

    Stephen's never met a commander he couldn't try to build around, and today he really puts his skills to the test with wild Codie brew!
  • Matthew Lotti

    Lore and Consequences: Dakkon vs. Piru

    The battle between Dakkon Blackblade and the Elder Dragon Piru has been rekindled thanks to Modern Horizons 2!
  • Jay Annelli

    Modern Horizons 2 Flavor Gems

    Much like the original, Modern Horizons 2 is bursting at the seams with flavor deep cuts from Magic's past!
  • Jumbo Commander

    Modern Horizons 2 Old-Border Review

    Modern Horizons 2 looks amazing. But we should not overlook how impressive these reprints are! Let's take a look.
  • MTG Muddstah

    Commander Battle with Pharika, Korvold, Kruphix, and Hanna

    MTG Muddstah and the New Jersey crew battle it out in Commander!
  • Jim Davis

    Love/Hate for Modern Horizons 2

    An exciting and powerful set like Modern Horizons 2 is sure to evoke some powerful reactions!
  • Ali Aintrazi

    Ali Plays Historic Jegantha Reborn

    Niv-Mizzet Reborn has picked up some new tools, and found a new way to ensure the titular dragon hits the field!
  • A. E. Marling

    Subtlety or Brutality?

    The new incarnation Subtlety is the perfect card for Modern Living End!
  • Abe Sargent

    Top Ten Art Pieces from Commander 2021

    More beautiful art pieces rolled in with Commander 2021, and today Abe highlights some of his favorite from the set!
  • Magic Mics

    Endless Horizons

    Join Erin, Reuben, and Evan as they discuss all the latest Magic news!
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