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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jacob Van Lunen

    Khans of Tarkir Draft: Durdling 101

    All the colors. All the wins. Let Jacob teach you how to durdle with the best of them.
  • Jacob Van Lunen

    Sultai for the Prerelease

    Join Jacob as he delves into the secrets of the Sultai just in time for your Prerelease.
  • Ricardo Conde

    Magic 2015 Prerelease: Unbox and Play

    Join Ricardo as he cracks open a Prerelease box and channels his inner pyromancer.
  • Jacob Van Lunen

    G/W Auras in Vintage Masters

    Join Jacob as he explores an aggressive twist on Vintage Masters Limited.
  • Jacob Van Lunen

    Vintage Masters Lessons

    The secret is synergy. Jacob Van Lunen breaks down his favorite build-around-me archetypes.
  • Jacob Van Lunen

    Vintage Masters Draft Primer: G/U Madness

    A classic Blue-Green archetype returns in Vintage Masters - Jacob runs down what you need to know.
  • Jacob Van Lunen

    Drafting Green in Theros Block

    Monsters and mana creatures are the topics of the day. Learn to draft the deepest color in Theros.
  • Jacob Van Lunen

    Preparing for Vintage Masters

    Will you be ready to draft when Vintage Masters hits Magic Online? Jacob breaks down what we need to know.
  • GatheringMagic.com

    Stern Strikes Again in Atlanta

    Jon Stern found his second Grand Prix win with Theros Block Draft in Atlanta.
  • Jacob Van Lunen

    Drafting B/R Control in JBT

    Where does Black-Red control fit into the Theros draft format? Jacob van Lunen takes a closer look.
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