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Budget Commander #41: Shattergang Brothers


Hello folks and welcome to another entry in my growing Budget Commander series. Today, I want to take a long look askance at budgets for Commander. Due to the popularity of the format, a lot of casual cards that are huge hits are worth a ton of money. Take Eternal Witness as a good example. It was an uncommon in its first printing, and has been reprinted six more times for a total of seven (legal) printings out there for this card. And yet despite that, no version is cheaper than $6.49 over at CoolStuffInc right now. And that's just one example of the Commander Effect on the secondary market. That's why Doubling Season is $60.

And yet, many cards that are awesome in Commander are pretty cheap. For example, due to its ability to be cast as an instant, one of the best mass removal variants of Wrath of God is Rout. Rout is just a bulk rare these days. Stroke of Genius? Decree of Justice? Bulk rares that dominate!

So one way to approach the Commander Effect is to snag the cheaper cards for your deck. The big ticket items certainly get a lot of press, but the vast majority of great cards for Commander are bulk level stuff.

And that's where this series comes in! In each entry, my goal is to come in under the budget of the previous article. In the 40th entry, I invested $32.98 into the deck for cards near mint over at CoolStuffInc. Who would I want to build around and why?

Let's take a look!

Shattergang Brothers

This is Shattergang Brothers. These days you can get your Shattergang on pretty cheaply. So, how would I approach this deck?

Budgetary Brothers -- Commander | Abe Sargent

And there you are!

Target -- $32.98

Result? $32.94. There we are!

After I choose my theme on a budgetary project like this, the first place I go is mana. It may not be sexy, but I want to ensure that my deck and cards are playable. In a three-color deck like this, I'll spend more money and cards on mana. From lands like Savage Lands and Jund Panorama to artifacts like Darksteel Ingot and Pilgrim's Eye and more, you can expect to see a certain amount of cards dedicated to this deck's craft. I also added in some on-theme land searching as I was in Green. Cards like Cultivate and Kodama's Reach are too pricey for a project like this, but a card like Seek the Horizon and an on-theme sacrifice of Primal Growth or the dork making of Growth Spasm fit the deck perfectly, and they headed in. As normal for a budget project, I spent around $5 on my mana.

After that, I thought of a card that would really work with my theme. I love artifact creatures in this deck because they have the flexibility to be sacrificed either as an artifact or as a creature to your Commander. Either sacrifice will force your foes to sacrifice a like permanent, so if I sacrifice Pilgrim's Eye as a creature, then everyone else sacrifice a creature. If as an artifact, then the same. That's a powerful weapon.

So the first card I added was Pia and Kiran Nalaar. They are cheap, they bring some artifact creature tokens to the battlefield with them, and they even add in a self-sacrifice for artifacts that's cool. I already had three artifact dorks in my deck with Burnished Hart, Wild-Field Scarecrow, and the Eye, so that seemed like a good play.

Pia and Kiran Nalaar
Servo Schematic

Therefore, the first rabbit hole I dug into was cheap cards that worked perfectly with Pia and Kiran and the Shattergang Brothers. Take, as a quick example, Servo Schematic. It's a two-mana investment for an artifact that brings an artifact token to the battlefield. And, if you kill that Schematic, then another dork arrives as well. So you can get three different artifacts across one card, which is a lot of fuel for your deck! Other examples included Myr Sire or Ichor Wellspring.

But this is not a Jund version of Glissa, the Traitor. I didn't want to add every single card that played well here with artifacts and then call it a deck. I didn't see a Shattergang led artifact deck. What I saw instead was a Shattergang deck that would control the board and crack open any defense. Thus flexibility.

Then, to match that, I looked for enchantment creatures. Most of the ones I liked were too expensive, like Courser of Kruphix and Xenagos, God of Revels. There were a few that were cheap enough, but didn't fit my deck, like Boon Satyr. The only one I added was Nighthowler, as it was a good fit and cheap to purchase. I also added in Hammer of Purphoros which has remained surprisingly cheap compared to most of the other weapons.

What else? What happens if I want to sacrifice something for an effect, but I don't have Shattergang Brothers out? Or what happens if I do control them, but there's nothing I want to kill? I tossed in a few engines here and there that will sacrifice. Need cards? Take a look at Grim Backwoods, Morbid Curiosity, or Infernal Tribute. Need damage dealt? Take a look at Magmaw, Barrage of Expendables, or Krovikan Horror.

A few unusual choices here include Evolutionary Leap to trade an in-play creature for one from my deck.

Evolutionary Leap
While adding in more engines, I also wanted some death-triggers. When stuff dies, I want to get benefits. Most of the good cards out there in this vein are cards that care about the death of creatures, not anything else. We certainly have a number of triggers that are cheap in this limelight, like Zulaport Cutthroat and Ulvenwald Mysteries. Some of them are too pricey, and I can't slide grave Grave Pact or Dictate of Erebos in here, but I'm sure that's fine.

Take a gander at Furnace Celebration and Stalking Vengeance that can deal some serious damage to people or their stuff as you ratchet up those sacrifices. The two major permanents that Shattergang can't deal with are lands and planeswalkers. Well, the damage dealing fun of sacrificing to Blazing Hellhound or your Celebration can be redirected to a 'walker and help you slay them with damage. So, there's more versatility here than you might at first expect. I thought about adding in Shivan Harvest to help with lands, but ultimately decided to leave that mostly alone.

Did you notice a few cards that can self-recur in here? Reassembling Skeleton is fun to put through into the meat grinder of a Shattergang effect and then bring back. It will also work well with Magmaw and others. Rancor and Aspect of Mongoose are sacrifice options for taking out other enchantments, or can be sacrificed to an Infernal Tribute and recurred over and over again. Fun stuff!

The last major synergy I wanted are cards like Myr Sire or Servo Schematic that have cool abilities when they die. This would be a perfect home for Solemn Simulacrum, but what Commander deck can't say that? But I have a budget for cards that are on-theme like Sprouting Thrinax and its three 1/1 dorks it leaves behind after it dies, or Symbiotic Wurm that leaves an entire army of dorks, and Hooded Hydra. Check out Tuktuk the Explorer! Check out Viridian Emissary or Veteran Explorer!

I also have some effects that'll make more fodder for the fire with treasure like Brass's Bounty. So awesome!

As more and more cards were added in, space began to cramp, and there were still a few directions I wanted to go. I'd like a few more enchantments that could be sacrificed if needed, so I'm including Font of Fertility for early mana, if needed, or late game sacrificing if you don't, and Font of Return can get you three dorks back so it's a (admittedly expensive) Ancestral Recall effect. If that doesn't work, you can just send it up the river by Shattergang Boat. I've also included the powerful Trading Post to make dorks, sacrifice artifacts, and have some other effects that play nicely with the deck. I also love Bosh, Iron Golem here as a swinging beast of death and a game-winning artifact sacrifice engine. Bosh can throw himself for eight damage, so you always have something to do with him, which makes him incredibly reliable.

And slowly and steadily, I completed this project! I had some awesome cards to rock and drop, with Shattergang madness all up in this space.

There were some cards I thought of, but were too pricey. Other possibilities include Xenagos, God of Revels, Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast, and Courser of Kruphix. Glissa, the Traitor is fine if you wanted to lean that way.Siege-Gang Commander makes tokens in small numbers and Army of the Damned in big numbers. What about Heroic Intervention, Goblin Sharpshooter, Mastermind's Acquisition, or Thromok the Insatiable? For land control, how about Wasteland, Strip Mine, or Dust Bowl?

And that's a deck!

What did you think? Anything cheap I missed? Anything you want to try out? Just let me know!


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