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Is it Possible to Build a Deck with Three Commanders?


Hello awesome folks! I hope you are having an awesome day today! Typically, I haven't built Commander decks around Companions, save for one illegal one that was big enough to win with Battle of Wits. (it's here: Battle of Wits in Commander | Article by Abe Sargent (coolstuffinc.com)). Today I wanted to do something fun. I wanted to break this stuff open and then try out a new companion, this time Umori, with a partner pair to give me (sort of) three Commanders to build around to maximize my fun stuff and colors. Umori requires everything be one type, so, obviously, that'll be Creatures.

Here's my trio:

Thrasios, Triton Hero
Umori, the Collector
Ravos, Soultender

I am choosing this duo in my non-red, four-color combo, foregoing the commonly seen Tymna the Weaver since this is a perfect curve of 2nd turn Thrasios, 3rd turn put Umori in my hand 4th turn cast Umori which is easier with hybrid mana, 5th turn cast Ravos. Also Tymna is a bit rough and nasty with Thrasios. Thrasios is the powerhouse here, with a 1/3 body and then the mana sink ability to turn four colorless mana into a scry 1 and draw the top card unless it's a land (in which case you put it into play tapped). Ravos costs five and gives your other dorks +1/+1, so that's key in an all creature deck. He has a 2/2 flying body, then in your upkeep you get a free Raise Dead to draw and recur. Umori drops on turn four, and then you choose creatures, and then it costs one less to cast that card type. Ready for my deep dive?

Creature Mana, Ramp, and Lands

Delighted Halfling
Bloom Tender

In order to play my stuff every turn, I need my lands to come into play untapped, save for the first turn, unless I drop a Mana Dork. I am running every 1-drop that can tap for u as well as Avacyn's Pilgrim. Delighted Halfling has a 1/2 body, taps for colorless for normal stuff, and for any color for your legendary stuff and then they cannot be countered too! The Elf costs two and taps for mana equal to your colors. Nasty here! I am also running Selesnya colored that does this 3-drop Faeburrow Elder.

Krosan Tusker
Greater Tanuki

Now let's turn to 6/5 commons that we can discard for cards early or play later. The Beast costs seven normally to cast and then cycles for three and then you'll search out a basic when it cycles so it's a cantripping Lay of the Land. The Dog costs six to cast for trample, channels for three to Rampant Growth so it's proper ramp. Then I am running Shefet Monitor which costs one more to cycle but one fewer to cast. Plus, its cycle can grab any land to your hand.

Circle of Dreams Druid
Crawling Barrens

Let's look at this rough to cast 3-drop ggg dork with a 2/1 size. It taps for a massive amount of Green mana equal to your creature count, like a Gaea's Cradle on legs. It's the only one I can run here that's cheap. It's here to tap for a lot of mana to sink into Thrasios. Since I added this, I also added some other mana sinks like the land here that can spend 4 mana to put two +1/+1 counters on it and if you want turn into a dork too. I also tossed in Urza's Factory to tap with seven to make a 2/2 dork.

Rejuvenating Springs
Path of Ancestry

Now let's turn to lands. The Simic tapping one will usually ETB untapped and ready to be used with a Mana Elf and then Thrasios turn two. I am running every Simic colored dual land that can ETB untapped, save for Tropical Island. I also am running the Command Tower variant above that taps for all 4 mana, ETBs tapped so you'll take the first turn off, and then you can tap for everything on all of your turns on curve. and you might get a free scry too when you do so.

Indatha Triome
Boseiju, Who Endures

The cycling Tri land above ETBs tapped for first turn play, but will tap for three of your four colors. I am running all of them here. The legendary land ETBs untapped, then taps for g for first turn mana dorks, then can be discarded to Naturalize or Stone Rain a nonbasics land for removal. I am also running in this cycle the black (for Umori) and blue (for Thrasios) ones that are good.

Minas Tirith
Reliquary Tower

Let's finish my lands here. The legendary one taps for w, typically ETBs tapped unless you control your leader or Companion early, and then you tap it with two to draw if you attacked with two or more dorks this turn. Easily done in an all dork build. The uncommon taps for colorless, ETBs untapped, then you have no max hand size which is great when you have card draw in the Command Zone.

Synergies and Winning Conditions

Fauna Shaman
Zopandrel, Hunger Dominus

Now let's turn to synergies and winning conditions. We'll start with one of each! The Bear costs two, has a 2/2 size, you can tap it with green mana to discard a dork and tutor up a dork for your hand. So, it's a Survival of the Fittest on a stick? Nasty! The 4/6 7-drop is legendary for your Halfling to be uncounterable, and then has reach and doubles the power and toughness of your stuff each combat. You can also sac two other dorks to toss an indestructible counter here to save him from removal.

Biomancer's Familiar
Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy

Now let's turn to Simic colored 2-drop Bears! The non-legendary one will let your activations of stuff drop two so Thrasios will be two less. Its tap ability doesn't work here. Then the legendary (Halfling, Minas Tirith) one will add one more mana when you tap dorks for mana, and then you can spend a massive 7 mana to dig five and toss a non-Human critter onto the battlefield for free! This is another mana sink for your stuff and drops by two if you control both!

Atraxa, Grand Unifier
Moonshaker Cavalry

Now let's turn to beaters! The legendary (Halfling) costs a massive 7 mana in your colors, but then has four nasty keywords like flying and vigilance, and then lifelink to double the life swings. Then its ETB trigger will let you draw a land and dork from your top ten cards. That's strong. The mono-white is one more at 8 mana for a 5/5 flyer. When it ETBs, your dorks get flying for the turn and size boosts equal to the number of dorks you control! Then I am also running Craterhoof Behemoth that inspired this.

Spellscorn Coven
Cruel Somnophage

Let's finish with these two Dimir Adventures! The uncommon costs three to instant bounce a spell back to a hand, and then four to drop a 2/3 flying Liliana's Specter that forces everyone else to discard. Nasty! Then the rare costs two to mill someone for wins or you to pump it up, and has a base cost two to be size equal to everyone's creature count in graveyard. Strong four set of options on two spells.


Selfless Spirit
Guardian of Faith

Now let's turn to answers, and I like to start with answers to answers, in these colors normally things like Heroic Intervention and Teferi's Protection in a going wide brew like this, but with a critter only brew, my answers were limited to things like the above pair. The flyer costs two for 2/1 which can sac for no mana or tapping to give your team indestructible. The flash creature has vigilance too for a 3/2 3 mana dork to let as many other dorks as you control phase out so they cannot be messed with or to survive a block.

Draining Whelk
Voracious Greatshark
Nimble Obstructionist

Since I am in blue, now let's turn to counters. We're not running Negate or Counterspell, but pricier things like this trio or Mystic Snake! The Illusion costs six, has flash and flying, counters anything and grows in size to its cost in the form of +1/+1 counters, so it's a win-con too! Then the Shark costs five for an on curve 5/4 that will counter just dorks and artifacts on arrival to the battlefield, but adds to your options. The flash, cycling 3-drop 3/1 flying Wizard can counter any ability when it cycles and then draw you that card too. Also note you might see some Adventure counters too.

Acidic Slime
Loran of the Third Path

Now let's turn to ETB dork based removal like this duo. The Ooze costs five for a 2/2 deathtouch to threaten trades. Then on arrival to the battlefield, you shoot an artifact, enchantment or land to kill. The white one is a legendary (Halfling, Minas Tirith) with an ETB ability to destroy an artifact or enchantment here too. She has a 2/1 size and vigilance, and then you can tap her to draw as well as a foe too. See also Druid of Purification and Bane of Progress to blow up artificial stuff. I am also running creature removal like Shriekmaw and Ravenous Chupacabra.

Murderous Rider
Brazen Borrower
Guardian Naga

Let's finish with this trio of Adventure instant speed removal. The black one can destroy a creature or planeswalker for two life and then is a Hero's Downfall in cost. You can cast it for three later with lifelink and 2/3 size and then it'll reload to your library post death. Then the blue one costs two to bounce something to slow them down, and then flashes with a 3/1 flying body for three to block and trade with flyers only since it cannot block grounded dorks.

The white one is 3 mana to exile an artifact or enchantment for one more mana for a Disenchant to exile instead to perma-end an issue. It's main body costs seven for a 5/6 with vigilance to swing and block and you prevent all damage to it on your turn, so you'll want to get that swing on!!!

Card Flow

Vizier of the Menagerie

Let's finish with card draw and flow stuff in dork form! The uncommon ETBs, has a 2/2 body with flying, and then you'll draw two and life too. I also am running Mulldrifter and Baleful Strix. The mythic above costs four for a 3/4 that lets you look at the top card of your library, and you can cast it when it's a dork. That should be around 60% of the time. I also am running Garruk's Horde in this oeuvre. Then when you cast a dork, you can use any color of mana for it, so it's great to cast on top of your library stuff.

Toski, Bearer of Secrets
Ohran Frostfang

Now let's turn to mono-green stuff. The 4-drop legendary (Minas Tirith) cannot be counterd anway, by the by. It rocks indestructible, has to attack, and then when a dork you control deals combat damage to a foe you'll draw that card! This is a color shifted, Coastal Piracy on legs, by the by. The 5-drop, non-legendary has a 2/6 body. Your attacking dorks gain deathtouch, so this'll make rough block options for your stuff. Then when your stuff deals damage, again, draw that card!

Beast Whisperer
Tymna the Weaver

The mono-green dork costs four for a 2/3, small, but converts creature casts into cards drawn. Then you can draw when you cast, so if countered, you'll still draw. Also note there are no restrictions here like paying mana. The Orzhov one costs one less with partner. I don't want to run her as my Commander since that feels rough and she's not on curve anyway, but here she's fine. When this 2/2 lifelink for 3 mana sees people swing at other players, you can trade life for card flow, equal to the number that attacked that way. She's also legendary for those two cards.

There we go! Here's my decklist!!!

Partnering with Companions | Commander | Abe Sargent

Card Display

There we go! Note that there are many abusive dorks I am not running since people might rally against you, like Consecrated Sphinx or Esper Sentinel, even though the Sphinx is a great curve topper after Ravos. Since I have some recursion in Ravos, I am only running a bit otherwise: two Adventure Raise Deads, Karmic Guide, and then just the two Witness Regrowth creatures in green. If you have it, this is a perfect deck for Gaea's Cradle. Ditto Volrath's Stronghold. Also, after dropping Ravos, you might want to start activating Thrasios once set on the battlefield to ramp or draw, not dropping more stuff so that you'll have a full hand post-Wrath of God. With just dorks, this is very vulnerable to mass removals. Lean into Thrasios that's cheap for recasts. This is very synergetic and fun, but not the most powerful thing you could be doing with Commander. So...what did you think of my take on this color combo meeting a Companion? I hope you liked it!

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