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The Top Ten Combos from Ikoria


Hello folks! I hope that your day is going safe and smoothly in equal measure!

We are deep into spoiler season for Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths, and today I want to give you 10 combos that come to mind as ways to abusing and harnessing the power of cards that have already been spoiled. Ready?

Let's do it to it!

10. Drannith Magistrate and Allure of the Unknown

Drannith Magistrate
Allure of the Unknown

Drannith Magistrate is going to be a highly useful hate bear to be added to that canon. It will be another in the long lineage of ways to shut down folks who are trying to not play fair. Cast those spells from your hands! Come on now! One of the things that Drannith Magistrate can do is turn off the disadvantages of cards in the game that let your foes cast spells from other places as a cost from your effects. One recent example of that is Rakdos's Allure of the Unknown where your foe casts the exiled card. In this case, they'd still exile it, so you'd only get five cards, but they wouldn't get to cast it. That's a much better deal! And if you dig, I'm sure you'll find many other similar effects you can use to shut things down.

9. Ominous Seas and Any Draw Seven

Ominous Seas
Wheel of Fortune

Ominous Seas is a powerful early drop that can make a useful 8/8 over time, but you must wait until a few turns have passed. Unless you have a third turn draw seven like Timetwister or Wheel of Fortune! Then you can cast that and draw your 8 cards (The one for the turn and the seven for the card) and you are looking at a third-turn eight/8 and your Seas is still there for more Kraken later! This is also great in any Commander build where you have a leader that draws a ton of cards, such as Arjun, the Shifting Flame.

8. General's Enforcer and Leyline of Singularity

General's Enforcer
Leyline of Singularity

General's Enforcer is a fun and powerful two-drop that can give the very useful indestructible to your legendary Humans! It can also exile cards for dorks and exile opposing cards as well, which is nice. But those aren't legendary, and you may want to add in some additional non-legendary Humans into your build. How do you manage? Leyline of Singularity! Now everything is legendary, and General's Enforcer is as well and gives itself its own bonus! Please note that the legendary rule applies, and you cannot control more than one of cards like the Enforcer. I'm sure you can find a useful deck here!

7. Charge of the Forever-Beast and Stuffy Doll

Charge of the Forever-Beast
Stuffy Doll
Impervious Greatwurm
Worldspine Wurm

One of the ways they placed on a brake on a two-card combo with Charge of the Forever-Beast and a big-power dork in your hand was to prevent it from targeting players. Only their creatures and planeswalkers are eligible targets. Are you saddened by that? No worries! In comes Stuffy Doll. All damage dealt to your Doll is redirected to the player you choose when it arrived on the battlefield. Hopefully you didn't choose yourself! Deal a kill-able amount to the Doll, and then win the game after it sends it over! 15 or 16 damage will be enough to kill most players by the fifth or sixth turn after you resolve it. If your opponent's play silver bordered cards in Commander, you can kill with B.F.M. in your hand as someone is taking 99 damage.

6. Chevill, Bane of Monsters and Bounty Hunter

Chevill, Bane of Monsters
Bounty Hunter

Chevill is a fun two-drop that's particularly good at the kitchen table and in multiplayer games where you have more options to target with its ability and a longer game where the grinding card advantage won't be a lost opportunity. One of the consequences of Chevill might be a virtual Pacifism. You put a bounty counter on a dork, and then that person refuses to use it in order to keep it around and keep you from its death and you netting some life and cards. Bounty Hunter to the rescue! You can place a counter on a dork, tap the Bounty Hunter to kill it immediately, and then reload with a card and life, and this is a trick you can pull each of your upkeeps as you reload. Note that Chevill won't fit in the same Commander build as the other bounty counter, Mathas, Fiend Seeker which plays into a similar space.

5. Lavabrink Venturer and Damage-Based Removal

Lavabrink Venturer

Lavabrink Venturer is very good as it will always arrive to the party with protection from half of the cards. It can swing through half the creatures, be immune to half of targeted removal spells, and loads more! It's also on curve at 3/3 for 3 mana, so it's great from that angle as well! Now combine it with damage-based removal like Pestilence and name even. Venturer into Pestilence is a powerful three and four-drop, and you can run the table from there. If you ran Boros instead of Orzhov you could do Pyrohemia instead, and use damaged-based removal spells with the X set to bring you to an even number, like Rolling Earthquake with the X at 3 or Starstorm set to four. Enjoy!

4. Offspring's Revenge and One-Hit Kills

Offspring's Revenge
Master of Cruelties

Offspring's Revenge is a kicking card that can give you another round of fun with a dead dork for no cost other than exiling it. But the copy is smaller and gets haste. I also love the flavor of the card. I wish this were Abzan not Mardu, but that's the breaks. What I love here is a card like Guiltfeeder. If it attacks and isn't blocked, then that person is losing a lot of life, often enough to die from. Meanwhile, fear helps it to slip in unblocked. You don't have to use this until someone is unable to block, and then you net a free Guiltfeeder that hits the turn they are open and remains for future turns! That's just nasty. You can also drop the Revenge and then use it immediately that combat to swing with Guiltfeeder out of nowhere and they won't be able to plan around it. Also note the mad synergy with Master of Cruelties as well with many of the same synergies laid here.

3a. Colossification and Sigarda's Aid

Sigarda's Aid

Normally a card like Colossification will make you wait for the creatures it's cast on, so you give your foe a turn to answer the problem. However, if you can flash auras with a card like Sigarda's Aid? Then you can swing with a normal dork, and suddenly grow it to player-killer level. It won't matter if you tap it if you are already bringing the heat! You can also slide in something like Vedalken Orrery and stay mono-Green. Enjoy the flashery of a Colossification!

3b. Colossification and Spikeshot Elder and Spkeshot Goblin

Spikeshot Goblin

Each of these two Spikeshots will deal direct damage based on their power. From a Colossification point of view, they are each player killers, especially the Elder since it can activate multiple times a turn! Sure, it would require 10 mana to use its the turn you Collosified it, but that's also very doable for a ramp deck in Gruul. These are perfect ways to abuse the +20/+20 aspect of Colossification! Ghitu Fire-Eater can sacrifice to do the trick only once, but it adds some synergy as well.

3c. Hateflayer


Take a look at this guy! Colossify it and tap it. Now it's tapped, so sad! Then you can untap it and deal 25 damage to someone. I think you might win that game!

#2. Bastion of Remembrance and Carnival of Souls

Bastion of Remembrance
Carnival of Souls

Bastion of Remembrance does a lot of things well, from making a token to giving you two triggers upon the death of one of our previous dorks, life loss to all opponents and life gain for you. That life gain is key as its combos well with the life loss of Carnival of Souls, so you can loop a creature with the Carnival out and use its mana while keeping alive through various loops. Consider these with an engine like Blood Pet or Enduring Renewal.

Blood Pet costs 1 mana and sacrifices for one. Now you'll have made one black mana on arrival, and then another on sacrifice so you netted one black mana. If you run just one of the many recursive engines like Enduring Renewal to net mana each iteration and creating a nice combo kill. If you dig down, I'm sure you could find a number of these powerful synergies that Bastion of Remembrance can help Carnival of Souls unlock.

1. Luminous Broodmoth and Many Combos

Luminous Broodmoth
Goblin Bombardment
Pyreheart Wolf

Luminous Broodmoth has several ways of automatically killing a foe.

Here's one:

  • Sacrifice engine like Goblin Bombardment
  • One non-flying creature with undying or persist

Here's how it works. Sacrifice a Pyreheart Wolf to the Bombardment. Deal one damage to someone's face. Return it with undying. Sacrifice again for a damage. Return it with Broodmoth. Repeat until death occurs. There are countless engines. You don't even have to go outside of white to make this combo happen thanks to Blasting Station, Kitchen Finks and Safehold Elite. And the Finks will give you 1000 life off the combo as well!

And that's just one way to combo kill off the Broodmoth. There are many others if you dig into the card. Here's another!


Solemnity and any non-flying dork will work as well, and it stays in color too. You can sacrifice for damage to the Blasting Station and then load up any dork into it for damage. And these aren't the only two ways to make this happen either! You can find loads of ways!

And there you are! Ten kicking ways to harness the power of the set (thus far). Anything in here appeal to you or other ways to abuse them cards? What did you think of my article? And have a great day!

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